• Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34, Barcelona
  • Metro L4 Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica
  • 11:55 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.
  • R&B / Hip Hop / House Comercial / Top Hits / Reggaeton
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Opium Barcelona. International nightclub with the best night parties in Barcelona with good music and an outdoor terrace facing the Mediterranean Sea. Read more

Parties at Club Opium Barcelona

  • ✅ Wednesday - Full Party - Opium Barcelona

    ✅ Wednesday - Full Party - Opium Barcelona

    • Wednesday, 04 of October
    • Funk / R&B / Afrotrap
    • +18
  • ✅ Thursday - Zazata - Opium Barcelona

    ✅ Thursday - Zazata - Opium Barcelona

    • Thursday, 05 of October
    • Hip Hop / R&B / Afrotrap
    • +18
  • ✅ Friday - Addicted - Opium Barcelona

    ✅ Friday - Addicted - Opium Barcelona

    • Friday, 06 of October
    • House Comercial / R&B / Top Hits
    • +18
  • ✅ Saturday - Just Opium - Opium Barcelona

    ✅ Saturday - Just Opium - Opium Barcelona

    • Saturday, 07 of October
    • Hip Hop / House Comercial / R&B
    • +18
  • ✅ Sunday -  Mandrake - Opium Barcelona

    ✅ Sunday - Mandrake - Opium Barcelona

    • Sunday, 08 of October
    • Reggaeton / Urban / Top Hits
    • +18
  • ✅ Monday - Blackout Mondays - Opium Barcelona

    ✅ Monday - Blackout Mondays - Opium Barcelona

    • Monday, 09 of October
    • Reggaeton / R&B / Hip Hop / Hits
    • +18
  • ✅ Tuesday - Ladies Night - Opium Barcelona

    ✅ Tuesday - Ladies Night - Opium Barcelona

    • Tuesday, 10 of October
    • Reggaeton / Hip Hop / R&B / Hits
    • +18

The Opium Barcelona nightclub has an Opium Barcelona Guest List that offers its customers the possibility of using it to be able to enter the night parties for free or with a discount that it offers every day of the week and that both you and your friends can use it without any problem.

Normally, in the nightclub Opium Barcelona the Price is usually between 15€ or 20€ per person to access but depending on the type of night party there is and the day of the week, the price may vary.

One of the most relevant characteristics of the nightclub Opium Barcelona is the Dress Code because to be able to access without problem you have to be well-groomed or elegant because the type of public that visits the Opium Barcelona nightclub wear arranged clothing and therefore it is not possible to access with sportswear.

Also, it is very important to know about the nightclub Opium Barcelona the Minimum Age of access allowed in the parties it offers because normally the minimum age is usually for people over 18 but on weekends it can go up for people over +21, before going , inform yourself well.

At the nightclub Opium Barcelona the Music that is normally heard is the commercial house genre but since the nightclub is open every day of the week, depending on the day it offers a type of party with different combined musical styles where you can find yourself: R&B, Hip Hop, House Commercial, Reggaeton and Top Hits.

Also, another option that there is to be able to enter the Opium Barcelona nightclub is with advance tickets. This option offered by the Opium Barcelona nightclub with a ticket, the price is usually around €15 with 1 drink and allows the client to access until 3:00 at night without any problem.

On Wednesdays in summer we recommend you go to the WeDj's party at Opium Barcelona, as it's crazy and you'll be able to enjoy world-renowned DJs.


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