• Av. Dr. Marañón, 17, Barcelona
  • Metro L3 Zona Universitària
  • 23:55h - 06:00h
  • Reggaeton / R&B / Top Hits
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Downtown Barcelona. Very big nightclub with the best night parties in Barcelona with good current music with a young and university atmosphere. Read more

Parties at Club Downtown Barcelona

  • ✅ Thursday - Downtown Barcelona

    ✅ Thursday - Downtown Barcelona

    • Thursday, 25 of April
    • Top Hits
    • +18
  • ✅ Friday - Downtown Barcelona

    ✅ Friday - Downtown Barcelona

    • Friday, 26 of April
    • Top Hits
    • +21
  • ✅ Saturday - Downtown Barcelona

    ✅ Saturday - Downtown Barcelona

    • Saturday, 27 of April
    • Top Hits
    • +21

The DownTown Barcelona nightclub is currently located where it used to be called Up & Down Barcelona, ​​a mythical nightclub in its time for its incredible parties with an impressive local atmosphere. The DownTown Barcelona nightclub is one of the most important and well-known in Barcelona, ​​which returns in order to transform the night into an experience full of emotion.

It is also known for its quality in decorating parties with different themes every week, offering various scenarios made with special effects and technology to give a special adventure to the client.

The DownTown Barcelona nightclub is located at Av. Doctor Marañón number 17, right next to Real de Polo and very close to FCBarcelona's Camp Nou. A perfect strategic location so that your public can arrive by public transport since it communicates with many parts of Barcelona. In addition, a few meters away, the DownTown Barcelona nightclub is surrounded by very famous and popular Universities for local and Erasmus students.

It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and perfect nightclubs to party with friends and have fun.

If you want to attend, from youbarcelona we recommend buying your ticket for Downtown Barcelona at the best price. You can go on Thursdays from €10 with a drink and on Fridays and Saturdays for €15 with a drink. Get your ticket for Downtown or buy your tickets in Downtown and enter without the queue.

The DownTown Barcelona nightclub opens on Fridays and Saturdays and the music that predominates and that basically is the basis of the DownTown Barcelona nightclub is usually Commercial, Reggaeton and Top Hits at the hand of its resident DJs with many years of experience and who have also performed in other well-known nightclubs in Barcelona.

These three musical genres are a perfect combination to put together a list of music ideal for the occasion and adapted to the public that visits it.


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