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If you're looking for a trendy place to spend a perfect night with your friends, Shoko Club is a "must go". Surrounded by the most fashionable and fun crowd, Shoko Barcelona is one of the city's most popular clubs located at the Barceloneta Beach. . 

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Standard Table
300 € minimum consumption
5 people 

Second Line
600 € minimum consumption
5 people 

Third Line
1000 € minimum consumption
5 people 

Read below all the details on Shoko Barcelona table booking prices, different VIP seating options, what is included on the price you are quoted, the club VIP area map with all the details, the menu with all bottle prices for both liquors vodka, whiskey, rum, champagne dom Perignon, Moet, Cristal ... and all the information you need to book your VIP table in Shoko Barcelona club.

Map of VIP Tables in Shoko

Shoko Barcelona has the largest VIP of all the clubs in Barcelona. The VIP is divided into zones according to the table consumption and that will vary the position, that is an important fact to keep in mind when they bring an artist since you can have a table a few meters away.

Vip tables map shoko barcelona champagne R&B HipHop



Bottle prices in Shoko

Shoko Barcelona has a large stock of bottle brands, from vodka or the most premium gin to the best champagnes that exist and their different sizes.

bottles prices menu shoko vip champagne vodka gin rum




• Standard VIP Tables: from € 300 (maximum 5 people per table)
• Best VIP Tables: € 1000 (maximum 5 people per table)

How to pay?

• YouBarcelona offers free VIP table booking without additional costs.
• There is no need to pay in advance for a table booking. You settle your bill in the club at the end of the night.

What do i have to do at the door?

• When you arrive at the club just give the full name of the table booking (company name for corporate events) to the person at the door.  
• You will be guided to the VIP entry. No need to queue.


Photos of Shoko Barcelona

Shoko club regularly features main live acts by famous hip-hop, reggaeton, and afro trap artists, which get sold out once and again. It's an ideal place to hang out and enjoy nice views of the beach and delicious cocktails

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More information or reservations

We will inform you without obligation and we will reserve your table at no additional cost. Contact us by phone at +34 663 316 611

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