• Plaça Rosa Del Vents 1, Barcelona
  • Metro L4 Barceloneta
  • 23:00h - 03:00h
  • House Comercial / Techno / Hip Hop / R&B
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Noxe Hotel W Barcelona. Elegant nightclub located on the 26th floor where music, panoramic views and cocktails mix to create an extraordinary atmosphere. Read more

Parties at Club Noxe Hotel W Barcelona

Music at Noxe Hotel W Barcelona

Main Room

  • House Comercial / Techno / Hip Hop / R&B

Photos of Noxe Hotel W Barcelona

The nightclub and restaurant-lounge Noxe in Barcelona , ​​formerly known as Eclipse, is a nocturnal joy that shines with its own light in the county town. Located on the 26th floor of the famous W Hotel, its renovation has resulted in a truly spectacular and fascinating space. Noxe has managed to preserve the essence and legacy of its predecessor, but with a modern and avant-garde touch that captivates all its visitors.

noxe discotheque

The sophisticated atmosphere and the impressive panoramic views of the city from its privileged location on the Promenade turn every night into an unforgettable experience. The enveloping music, the elegant design and the impeccable attention of the staff make Noxe a reference nightclub for lovers of Barcelona's nightlife. Without a doubt, it is a magical place where fun and charm merge in an unparalleled dance until dawn.

From the ISAAC LIST we explain the ways you can enjoy the NOXE nightclub on the 26th floor. 

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1. Reserve your VIP Table

At the moment the only option to enter Noxe and enjoy a night of luxury is reserving a VIP TABLE . You will have your own table and can spend the cost of the Table on bottles, drinks and try their great cocktails. 

reserve your vip table

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2. Entry for FREE LIST

It is still not possible to enter Noxe through Lista ISAAC . If you want to be the first to know when you're ready to enter Noxe without having to reserve the VIP table, don't hesitate to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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Noxe in the W: Vibrate in the heights, charm in every beat