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The Pacha Barcelona nightclub is one of the clubs in the Olympic Village where it is known for its famous brand Pacha Ibiza and has two rooms (main room and secondary room), mainly noted for its red and white colors that symbolize a cherry.

On this page we show you where and how the VIP tables are located, what are the prices of bottles, shishas or champagne, how to book a VIP table, among many more things about the Pacha Barcelona nightclub that you can experience with your friends at parties.

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The interior of Pacha Barcelona is designed by an architect specialized in white and red touches combined with the lighting of the floor, ceiling, VIP tables, bars and dance floor to make the experience unique.

Below, we show you the distribution of the map with the VIP tables available at the Pacha Barcelona nightclub so you can choose to your liking and choose the one you like with your friends and know what it feels like to have a personalized treatment.


 Pacha Barcelona VIP Tables Plan

The total cost of the reservation is 100% a la carte credit to spend on: bottles, shishas, champagne, etc. Contact us now by WhatsApp at +34 627 09 92 53 and book your vip table.

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For groups of more than 5 people, consult by WhatsApp +34 627 09 92 53.

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The Pacha Barcelona nightclub has a capacity for more than 1800 people and three different VIP areas with height and in the middle the dance floor. The main vip area is where the DJ is located, the secondary vip area is in the middle with views of the entire club, and the tertiary vip area is a little out of the way but you will have the same personalized service.

If you really want to be the king of the night with your friends at Pacha Barcelona, the best area is where the DJ is located, but so you can get an idea of how the vip tables are distributed, we show you a visual map with the exact location of the vip tables below.

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Price of the Bottles, Champagne and Shishas at Pacha Barcelona

Depending on the time of the year, the price of shishas, bottles and champagne may vary at Pacha Barcelona but the club is always open every day of the week from 00h to 06h. Normally, the basic bottle is from 300 €, while the premium bottle costs 350 €.

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The Pacha Barcelona nightclub has a very extensive menu with all kinds of bottles, shishas and champagne, even food, depending on the expenditure you make you will have more attention from the staff of the club. Below, you can see in detail the menu with all the prices:

pacha barcelona menu 1

pacha barcelona menu 2


pacha barcelona vip table

How to book a VIP Table at Pacha Barcelona?

  • You have two different ways to make a VIP table reservation: calling or writing to WhatsApp to the phone number +34 627 09 92 53. We always recommend contacting us via WhatsApp for faster response.
  • We advise you to make your VIP table reservation in advance to find availability. It is essential to wear the appropriate clothing and be smart (no sneakers or sportswear) we recommend polo or shirt to avoid problems at the entrance of the club.
  • It is important to remember that if you and your guests have a VIP table reservation at a Pacha Barcelona party, it is not necessary to queue and you will be able to enter directly as VIP clients.


Contact Pacha Barcelona VIP Table Reservation

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