• Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 38, Barcelona
  • Metro L4 Ciutadella I Vila Olímpica
  • 11:55 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.
  • House Comercial / Reggaeton / Hip Hop / Techno / Top Hits
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Pacha Barcelona. Trendy nightclub with a terrace and sea views, with a select atmosphere and good Electronic Dance Music. Read more

Parties at Club Pacha Barcelona

  • ✅ Sunday - Sight - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Sunday - Sight - Pacha Barcelona

    • Sunday, 25 of February
    • Electronic / Techno
    • +18
  • ✅ Sunday - Red Room - Pacha

    ✅ Sunday - Red Room - Pacha

    • Sunday, 25 of February
    • Reggaeton / Pachanga / Top Hits
    • +18
  • ✅ Monday - Vibra - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Monday - Vibra - Pacha Barcelona

    • Monday, 26 of February
    • Afrobeat / R&B / Hip Hop / Reggaeton
    • +18
  • ✅ Tuesday - Flirt - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Tuesday - Flirt - Pacha Barcelona

    • Tuesday, 27 of February
    • Afrobeat / R&B / Hip Hop / Reggaeton
    • +18
  • ✅ Wednesday - Vice - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Wednesday - Vice - Pacha Barcelona

    • Wednesday, 28 of February
    • Hip Hop / Reggaeton / Top Hits
    • +18
  • ✅ Thursday - La Juerga - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Thursday - La Juerga - Pacha Barcelona

    • Thursday, 29 of February
    • Reggaeton / Top Hits / Hip Hop
    • +18
  • ✅ Friday - Moulaga - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Friday - Moulaga - Pacha Barcelona

    • Friday, 01 of March
    • Afrobeat / R&B / Reggaeton / Hip Hop
    • +18
  • ✅ Saturday - Paripe - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Saturday - Paripe - Pacha Barcelona

    • Saturday, 02 of March
    • R&B / Hip Hop / Afrobeat / Reggaeton / Top Hits
    • +18
  • ✅ Saturday - Pegao - Pacha Barcelona

    ✅ Saturday - Pegao - Pacha Barcelona

    • Saturday, 02 of March
    • R&B / Hip Hop / Afrobeat / Reggaeton / Top Hits
    • +18

Music at Pacha Barcelona

Main Room

  • House Comercial / Reggaeton / Hip Hop / Techno / Top Hits

The Pacha Barcelona Discotheque, the most recognized, acclaimed and expected nationally and internationally open to any type of public, arrives in the city of Barcelona. The Pacha Barcelona brand is known worldwide and has one of its crown jewels in the heart of Barceloneta, located in the Olympic Village of Barcelona, a busy area with a large national and foreign public.

It is considered one of the best and largest clubs in Barcelona and the most recognized by the local public. It is the perfect recipe for fun, with special care in its decoration and design with the best sound and lighting systems.

The Pacha Barcelona nightclub covers countless parties with special themes throughout its history in Barcelona nightlife with weekly parties, concerts with famous national and international artists and singers, resident DJs with extensive experience in the musical field and events dazzling with the most dressed up and extraordinary public.

Without a doubt, the Pacha Barcelona brand is a perfect combination designed to satisfy as many audiences as possible, bathing the customer with its characteristic touches of the famous cherries, these being the ideal ingredients for Pacha Barcelona to be recognized worldwide. Enter the Pacha Barcelona Guest List and pay less.

If you are looking for an Ibizan-style Mediterranean nightclub, you need look no further. Pacha Barcelona has those Ibiza vibes with gleaming white walls, fuchsia colored walkways and hues of the colors of a cherry. Pacha Barcelona nightclub has incorporated new ideas into parties, with incredible improvements and extravagances of the Barcelona night scene that will surprise you. La Pacha Barcelona Attire is elegant.

Of course, maintaining the pure, special and unique style that you will not find in any other club. The terrace of Pacha Barcelona is very large that leads directly to the Mediterranean Sea with the golden sand of the beach. We must also highlight its huge huge track with an incalculable capacity of people. The Pacha Barcelona Minimum Age is +18 every night.

Buy Tickets for Pacha Barcelona at the best price and enter without queue, we have the best prices on advance tickets for Pacha Barcelona.

Finally, it must be said that the Pacha Barcelona nightclub has the best location next to the beach and close to other nightclubs such as Opium Barcelona, Shôko Barcelona, Catwalk Barcelona, Carpe Diem Barcelona and Bestial Barcelona (this one only in summer).

But if what you are really looking for is to celebrate a night in style with a lot of glamor and exclusivity, Pacha Barcelona offers exclusive parties with 3 impressive VIP Zones where you and your friends can live a night you will never forget. And you can also buy your Pacha Barcelona New Year Tickets.

What are you still waiting for? Do not miss the opportunity to go to the Pacha Barcelona nightclub and experience it live with us!


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