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  • Graffiti in Barcelona

    Graffiti in Barcelona

    Thursday, 11 of April of 2019

    Graffiti in Barcelona will always be part of the city and this article definitely demonstrates this caption.

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  • Activities you can’t miss in Barcelona

    Activities you can’t miss in Barcelona

    Friday, 01 of February of 2019

    I often talk about nightlife in Barcelona, ​​but there are many things to do in Barcelona during the day. You don’t know what during your weekend, or you don’t want to wait all day at home before going out tonight with Youbarcelona? Don’t worry, here is a list of activities to do.

    Are you interested in culture and museums are no longer a secret for you? Barcelona is full of museums of all kinds: chocolate museum, Egyptian museum, Museum of Modern Art, National Art Museum of Catalonia, Picasso Museum ... there is something to suit all tastes, and you you can learn a lot in just a few hours.

    Are you an animal lover? Then the Barcelona Zoo will please you: more than 7000 animals are living there, including 400 different species. Come and discover an incredible spectacle of dolphins, observe the life of monkeys or laugh with the hyenas. The Barcelona Zoo is perfect for a day out with the family. And if you prefer marine animals, the aquarium of Barcelona is for you, with its 35 aquariums and underwater tunnel of more than 80 meters ... watch out for sharks watching above.

    If you are looking for a little more thrills, Port Aventura is located 1 hour from Barcelona and it will satisfy your desires. With hundreds of attractions, including a dozen thrills, all kinds of shows and five themed neighborhoods, you will necessarily spend an incredible day. If you prefer water parks, the Costa Caribe water park located next to the park before you will refresh the days of heat wave.

    And if you're just passing through Barcelona and ​​you have very little time to visit, why not take a guided bus tour to get access to all the main monuments of the city and their history, and this in a few hours.

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  • How to survive the hangover and keep on partying

    How to survive the hangover and keep on partying

    Sunday, 14 of October of 2018

    Hangovers. We get them. We hate them. We want to get rid of them. Students are the true powerhouses. We can get drunk on any day as long as it ends in a Y, which means we also have to endure the whole morning after the routine. 9am lecture or walking into the office the next day, we will do it with the utmost dignity and self-respect. Sometimes it gets too much, therefore, this article will go through some simple steps to help you and your pals survive the hangover and keep on partying.

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  • What it is like working for an international company

    What it is like working for an international company

    Tuesday, 24 of July of 2018

    Studying at university is great for many reasons, you develop valuable skills, broaden your philosophical horizons and become an alcoholic connoisseur with an understanding of what cheap drinks get you drunk, quick.  Alongside these character building attributes, university is a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into how company’s work, through offering internships and placements to proactive students who want them. What is even better if you can also have the opportunity to work abroad, which is what I am currently doing.

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  • Tips for finding a good long term rental in Barcelona

    Tips for finding a good long term rental in Barcelona

    Monday, 23 of April of 2018

    Are you coming to Barcelona to start an internship or Erasmus for a few months? Have you found a new job and are going to move to Barcelona? You will see that finding adequate accommodation is maybe one of the most difficult parts of your new adventure.

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  • Travel to Barcelona with BCN.travel

    Travel to Barcelona with BCN.travel

    Wednesday, 28 of March of 2018

    BCN.Travel, the full experience for tourism in Barcelona!

    BCN.Travel is dedicated to make your stay in the beautiful city of Barcelona as pleasant as possible. Please contact them for insider tips on Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia! Coming from a background of traveling and working in the tourism industry for many years, they are enthusiastic and professional crew that is passionate about tourism in Barcelona. They perfectly understand the needs of people who are traveling abroad to a country with different culture, language and customs.

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  • Enjoying an international experience in Barcelona?

    Enjoying an international experience in Barcelona?

    Wednesday, 31 of January of 2018

    ¿Enjoying an international experience in Barcelona or getting ready for having it?

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  • Barcelona Segway Tour

    Barcelona Segway Tour

    Thursday, 23 of November of 2017

    Barcelona Segway Tour: explore the city in a different way

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