Dresscode Hints Guide

Besides offering VIP guest lists at the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona, we also want to help you and provide you useful information to avoid any misunderstandings or disappointments on your night out in Barcelona. One important thing to keep in mind is the dress code of the clubs (which is usually Smart, no sportswear allowed). The entrance is always at the clubs discretion so it is important you follow their requirements.

Check out our fashion guide:


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Shoes for partying at Bling Bling (read more...)

If you've had any doubts regarding what shoes to wear to party at the exclusive Bling Bling, here's your answer. Click HERE to see the best options for both men and women.

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Dress Code

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What shall I wear to party at Opium Mar? (read more...)

Planning on partying tonight at Opium? Perhaps it is a special date? Or maybe just a regular night out with your friends? No worries, we have the solution for both occasions. Click HERE to find out more!

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Refresh your closet and be eye-catching at Bling Bling's party (read more...)

If you don't know what to wear and are tired of wearing the same outfits again and again, here we have some ideas of new cool and colorful options. Click HERE to see more. 

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Make Up


What makeup should you wear to party in El Puerto Olímpico of Barcelona? (read more...)

If you're partying at the exclusive nightclubs located in the Port of Barcelona, it is important you choose the right outfit in combination with the right makeup for your big night. First impressions are very important, so make sure you dress to impress! To help you out a little we've created a guide, click HERE to see some useful tips. 

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Braids for partying (read more...)

Braids have become a very fashionable hairstyle and a suitable one for any occasion. We can carry an informal braid for a brunch during the day and carry the same braid for a nightlife event such as dinners or clubbing. It is a great choice indeed. 

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