What shall I wear to party at Opium Mar?

Are you going to Opium Mar tonight? Perhaps it's a date? Or maybe you just want to enjoy your night out with friends? Do not worry, each of these occasions we have a solution.

Opium Mar is a symbol of fashion and exclusiveness. The crowd you find inside is national and international people but always dress up smart and elegant

Bear in mind that the club is right in front of the beach, which means that during summer nights the terrace becomes the perfect place to dance and have a drink. However, in winter, it usually gets colder due to the humidity of the area; so if you want to spend your night on the open air you’d better dress up appropriately.

In YouBarcelona we want you to feel comfortable but also trendy, so we offer you a range of outfits that are perfect for Opium Mar anytime and for any occasion.

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If you opt for something smart, a simple black dress always does its job and makes you feel flawless:

Vestido fiesta Opium Mar


Another proposal of the black dress but with a little more striking details on the back:

Vestido negro Opium Mar

Proposal with a nice touch of color for spring seasons - summer:

Vestido para fiesta primavera en Opium Mar

And why not, make it a more relaxed and casual with demin look:

Look casual para Opium Mar

Don´t think that we forgot about men!

A truly elegant outfit with a tie will always be appreciated by the Ladies (and the club bouncers;))

men fashion

Similarly, to simple black dress for Ladies, gentlemen also look fab when wearing black:

man fashion

Men version of denim outfit? Yeah, sure! Why not? :)

boy fashion

Remember, to check out our Pinterest Opium Mar channel, where you can find even more proposals!

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