• Calle Tuset, 13, Barcelona
  • Metro L3 o L5 Diagonal
  • 23:55h - 06:00h
  • Reggaeton / House / Top Hits
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Sutton Barcelona. Exclusive and glamorous nightclub located on calle tuset in the upper area with the best night parties and the best local atmosphere in the city. Read more

Parties at Club Sutton Barcelona

  • ✅ Friday - A La Mode - Sutton Barcelona

    ✅ Friday - A La Mode - Sutton Barcelona

    • Friday, 26 of April
    • House Comercial / Reggaeton / Top Hits
    • +23
  • ✅ Saturday - This Is Sutton - Sutton Barcelona

    ✅ Saturday - This Is Sutton - Sutton Barcelona

    • Saturday, 27 of April
    • House Comercial / Reggaeton / Top Hits
    • +23

Music at Sutton Barcelona

Main Room

  • Reggaeton / House / Top Hits

Photos of Sutton Barcelona

The Sutton Barcelona nightclub has been nominated as one of the most exclusive clubs according to "The World's Finest Clubs" and is located on Calle Tuset in the upper area of ​​Barcelona where it has a main room where the dance room and the VIP spaces with more than 50 vip tables, in addition, it offers the possibility of enjoying a secondary room to listen and dance to other musical styles. You can know the price of the nightclub Sutton Barcelona.

The Sutton Barcelona nightclub is located in the upper area of ​​the city of Barcelona where since its inauguration in 2001, it has become a fashionable, elegant and exclusive nightclub. The Sutton Barcelona nightclub aims at a high profile of the public, being this way for those over 21 to 40 years of age where famous actors and artists, elite athletes, film and fashion celebrities have also visited. YOu can enter for free with youbarcelona Guestlist in Sutton

The Sutton Barcelona nightclub is one of the nightclubs in Barcelona that focuses on style and elegance, thus becoming one of the leading nightclubs in Barcelona's nightlife. In addition, you have at your disposal two different rooms with music styles where you can dance on the dance floor or reserve a VIP table at a great price if you want a more exclusive treatment. Sutton Vip Table booking is the best way to enter at the club, or you can enter free in Sutton Barcelona.

After more than 10 years open, the Sutton Barcelona nightclub maintains its leadership and renews every year to continue being the best nightclub in the city of Barcelona, ​​offering an incredible treatment, loyalty to customers every day that they are willing to enjoy our parties more spectacular nights. Enter by list in Sutton Barcelona for free with youbarcelona. you can enter in a Free list in Sutton Barcelona and know the schedule Nightclub Sutton Barcelona.


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