Wet Deck Opening 2018

Wet Deck Summer Series at the W Hotel is one of the best summer parties in Barcelona. It is synonym of glamour, good music and vibes. Every Sunday at 20:00h, the W Hotel welcomes music lovers from all over the world to a party like no other. Wet Deck Summer Series takes place on the beautiful pool area of the W Hotel.

Wet Deck 2018 starts on Sunday, June 10th. Get ready to enjoy the best cocktails, the most amazing sunsets and coolest atmosphere! Oh, and a fantastic Wet Deck 2018 after party at Eclipse on floor 26. 

Wet Deck

How to join Lista Isaac for free access to Wet Deck 2018?
- Call / WhatsApp at +34 663 316 611
- Send an e-mail at vip@youbarcelona.com
- You will receive an immediate confirmation e-mail of your free access with Lista Isaac VIP Guest List

You can also book a VIP table that includes:
- Free access to the Wet Deck 2018 party  
- No queues at the entrance
- A VIP table with a bottle and refreshments to mix up your drinks

VIP table bookings

Want to dress to impress?
Click here for Wet Deck and W Hotel party dresscode tips:

Dresscode for ladies
Dresscode for men