• Plaça Rosa Del Vents 1, Barcelona
  • Metro L4 Barceloneta
  • 23:00h - 03:00h
  • House Comercial / Techno / Hip Hop / R&B
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Eclipse Hotel W Barcelona. Elegant nightclub located on the 26th floor where music, panoramic views and cocktails mix to create an extraordinary atmosphere. Read more

Parties at Club Eclipse Hotel W

Music at Eclipse Hotel W

Main Room

  • House Comercial / Techno / Hip Hop / R&B

W Hotel is one of the hottest and most exclusive places of the city. Housing the infamous Eclipse rooftop bar at 26th floor over the Mediterranean Sea, The W hotel has served to be one of the most breathtaking vanues since it has opened. With its enormous panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Barceloneta Beach it´s guaranteed truly wonderful stay. 

Every Sunday at the Hotel W is throwing highly anticipated pool gathering of the week! The Wet Deck event attracts the most beautiful crowd during the summer and it offers unbeatable house music along with incredible views of the Mediterranean Coast. Do not hesitate to try one of their amazing cocktails by the poolside!!

Members of YouBarcelona Guestlist would be able to access for free if age is above 18/21 years.

On the wet deck terrace of the hotel w , you can also go to the pool and bathe during the day from Monday to Sunday or go to the Wet Deck event of the hotel W Summer Series that is held on Sundays. You can see the Wet Deck Line Up or you can enjoy the Wet Deck pool party during the day .