Dress code for men for W Hotel

If you're looking for one of the most exclusive parties in town, choosing the Barcelona W Hotel is the right choice. However, following the hotel's dress code requirements is key to avoid refusal at entry.  

To be granted free access for all W Hotel parties, join our YouBarcelona Guest List and follow these dress code tips that will sure be outfits to impress. 

Dress code for parties at the W Hotel 

The key is to look classy and stylish! Elegant blazers and suits with a pair of nice jeans and shoes should be your top choices to impress. Always avoid sporty apparel and items such as sneakers, baggy cotton pants, flip flops, and sleeveless shirts.  

The Wet Deck, a summer party hosted at the pool area, also requires a very classy look in order to get in. You should also avoid sporty items and flip flops.

Find below examples of outfits for men for both parties at the W Hotel:
Dress code for men Hotel W
Stylish white pants and printed shirts - Perfect outfit for both Wet Deck and Eclipse parties. 

Dress code for men for W HotelBasics with a black blazer that gives that elegant, final touch to your outfit. Also an A+ for both parties.    

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