Dress Code in Barcelona

What should I wear to the clubs?

It is a question we often ask ourselves before going out. So you must know that in Barcelona people always make sure to "dress to impress". Biggest clubs in Barcelona are very strict concerning dress code (Opium, BlingBling, Pacha, Hotel W...) they requires nice, clean, neat, and classy club wear. Our tips will help you to enter without problems.

Dress code in Barcelona's clubs

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The best outfit for Gents

Gents should wear pretty collar shirts or a suit jacket with nice pants. Shoes are for you guys the most important thing : all types of sneakers are not allowed and bouncers are very strict regarding the dress code! Obviously, sportswear is to forget.

Typical outfit for men in clubs

The best outfit for Ladies

Regarding the ladies dress code, you need to dress elegantly! A little black dress never disappoints. Make sure you wear heels, and once again, any kind of sportswear is NOT allowed. It is simply ‘no effort, no entry’, so get glammed up and join us!

Dress Code Barcelona

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