Hotel W Dress Code

Hotel W is one of the hottest and most exclusive venues in Barcelona. Located in the 26th floor of the Hotel W, In order to be a part of the crowd that attends the best parties at the Hotel W, you must dress to impress. Hotel W only allows crowds who drip fashion and exclusivity. Like all the other exclusive clubs in Barcelona, Hotel W has a very strict door policy, so your outfit has to be impeccable if you wish to party at Hotel W! Eclipse is appreciated by international celebrities like Beyoncepop star Rihanna, Messi, Pique and more.

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Gents Dress code in Eclipse W:

Gents, it is always harder for guys to pick out what to wear but we are here to help! Guys pull out your finest button-down jeans, and dress shoes! We do not recommend you to show up in shorts because you will not get in! Athletic apparel is also not recommended.

Typical fashion boy in club

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Ladies Dress code in Eclipse W:

Ladies, a mix of elegance and sexiness is a perfect combination for a night at the Eclipse Rooftop Bar. Sporty clothing is always a no-no. Put on a dress and some heels and you will be good to go! Hotel W loves a girl with jeans, heels and a sexy top! Look great and feel great!

Typical fashion girl in club

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Which outfit to choose?

Fashion in clubs in Barcelona is the most important thing if you want to have access to the best clubs in the city. Spaniards of Barcelona are known to dress elegantly during their nights out. Hotel W expects only the smartest and most stylish crowds. The Eclipse is one of the finest clubs in Barcelona and guarantees you a great time out!

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What to wear for every party at Hotel W?

It is important to know what is the perfect outfit to enjoy a good party, so we are going to explain the dress code by party at Eclipse w Hotel beginning for Monday and finishing in Sunday. Because every day it has a new tematic, with a special dress code. Because the Dress Code in Barcelona depends of the club that you choice, in this case we are going to talk about Hotel W Dress Code. 

Dress Code for every night at Hotel W

Monday- Wednesday - Thursday dress code

For the first day of the week, the Hotel W dress code is Smart and Stylish, it is obligatory if you want to entrance to House Sounds party at Eclipse club.

Smart and Stylish Dress Code is the same for Wednesday and Thursday party.

Smart and Stylish Dress code Hotel W

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Tuesday dress code

For the party Beauties Night in Eclipse the dress code is Elegant every Tuesday to enjoy the exclusivity of the club Hotel W.

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Friday dress code

To start the weekend with a perfect outfit to impress, it is necessary to come at hotel W with a Smart or Elegant dress code.

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Saturday dress code

For the party called Urban in Eclipse the dress code is Elegant to have one of the best and exclusive party of this club.

Smart and Elegant dress code Hotel W

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Sunday dress code

For Sundays hotel w has two parties, one of them is the exclusive Wet Deck that is only for summer and the second one is in the Eclipse club. So the dress code for every party is:

  • Wet deck summer: Strictly elegant dress code
  • Premium beats: Smart and Casual dress code

Smart and casual dress code hotel w

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Remember this important information: they don´t accept entrance to the club with sport clothe or sport shoes


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