What make up you should wear for the party in El Puerto Olimpico

If you're thinking of partying at nightclubs located in the Port of Barcelona, you must choose a right makeup for your big night.

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We recommend wearing more intensive makeup during the evenings/nights than during the daytime, as the artificial lights of nightclubs make your makeup less visible. Do not hesitate to go for bright colors that enhance your dress; you can, for example, highlight your eyes making them appear larger and highlight your lips with lipstick so the color lasts longer.

Maquillaje para Opium Mar

If your choice tonight are smarter clubs such as Eclipse (in the Hotel W), Carpe Diem or Opium Mar, we recommend you to go for more natural eye shadows and some gloss or pinkish lipstick. You can also highlight your eyes well with two good coats of mascara and eyeliner.

Maquillaje suave para Opium Mar

If on the other hand, you prefer to go dancing to clubs like Catwalk, or Pacha, where in addition to House Commercial music you can hear selected Hip Hop and RnB vibes; you can easily choose a strong, decided makeup. You can use red or fuchsia shades on the lips and intense smokey eyes. You can also test two trendy colors, electric blue or burgundy and do not go out without the mascara.

Smokey eyes para fiesta en Opium Mar

Visit our Pinterest board, where we show you more examples of makeup for parties with YouBarcelona  – you will certainly love at least one of them! :)