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Barcelona and clubs where people flirt the most

From one side of the mirror, make-up, nail polish, coiffure, freakum dress and high-heels. From the other side, new suede shoes, best shirt, hair gel. Both ready to hit the town!Sometimes we just can’t deny that we do all that just for ourselves.  Clubbing and partying is often all about meeting someone new. So what are the best places to meet somebody interesting; to get to know other people and take the most from your night out? Here we go with the list of 8 clubs in Barcelona that were just made for flirting!

Barcelona and clubs where people flirt the most


HYDE Club is situated in one of the most famous streets in Barcelona, Passeo de Gracia. It has a very sophisticated ambience with New York City twist which from Thursday through Saturday attracts fashionable crowds. Every week the club organizes different parties but if you plan to enjoy your night there you’d better dress to impress! Hyde Club also organizes “afterworks” for all those who would like to have a drink with coworkers and relax after a day at work in a chill out ambience. So if there is someone that you like at work this is a perfect spot to get to know each other better on more relaxed, social ground.

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CDLC is a magic place. Its inside décor takes what is the best of oriental cultures. In Bali Lounge areas you will find huge beds with canopies that were designed to give you privacy, allow you to relax and enjoy the specialties of the kitchen which reach much further than European tastes. If you decide to dine in Carpe Diem you will have a chance to experience the spiciness of Asian, Arabic and Indian world, but watch out! Some of those are considered as aphrodisiacs, so if you stay there for a night party, you might become irresistible. You can also chill in the spacious terrace where the oriental style of the venue mingles with Mediterranean Sea breeze.     

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Otto Zutz is a very distinctive club with a great selection of music. It has 3 rooms with 3 different types of music and crowds. The ground floor is for everybody who loves Hip Hop, RnB and Funk. If you feel these beats, you know that this kind of music brings people closer to each other and nobody would reject you if you ask them to dance with you! If you prefer more classic hits you might want to go to the 2nd floor dance where you will find the room with the finest hits from 80s and 90s, while in the third room loved by everybody House Commercial music. In the last floor of Otto Zutz there is a VIP area that is perfect for those who are looking for a bit of privacy.

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Pacha - the name known by everybody, but music played in Pacha Barcelona every night can be heard miles away thanks to the impressive sound system. This is a place where you simply want to be. On Mondays it makes people break all the rules with its Outlaw sessions and on Saturdays it introduces the most famous DJ’s and music right from Ibiza (Feel Ibiza session). It’s simple but sophisticated decor is just a perfect background for the best lighting and sound systems in Barcelona. There you will meet national and international crowd together with music connoisseurs that are its cherry on the top.

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Bling Bling is definitely the best choice for those who adore vogue style and popular clubs. It’s supreme VIP zone is placed on the platform right in front of the dancefloor which gives you a perfect outlook over the dancefloor and makes it hard to overlook those who appearances you like. After you spot him/her you can dance to the best House Commercial music in the main room or raise the temperature in Pachangueo room right next to it. If you are both tired of dancing, you would like to talk and get to know each other a bit better, you or your chosen one might want to move to Bling Bling’s cozy smoking open air area where the heating lamps, low chill out music maintain a great ambience.

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Eclipse is definitely a place which helps to create and/or maintain chemistry between two people.  Located on the 26th floor of Hotel W, club just melts people’s hearts with the most stunning views on Barcelona city, beach and the Mediterranean Sea. If the views don´t work another specialty of this place is a delicious Watermelon Martini, which can help when the atmosphere is a bit too stiff. What’s more, from May all up till September Hotel W gives you even more opportunity to meet your “summer love”. Every Sunday its WET DECK Series, so the hottest parties of the season, attracts the most beautiful people from all over the world. With the open air party, beach view, swimming pool in the middle of the dancefloor and sunbeds to lay down the night just can’t go wrong!  

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Opium is located in the Port Olimpic of Barcelona, just next to the famous Arts Hotel. The club is the most attractive combination of restaurant, bar and nightclub. Its luxury open air terrace is furnished with lazy white sofa that allows you lie back comfortably and enjoy the best view on the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. There you can enjoy a dinner and exotic cocktails in a very chic and exquisite atmosphere. At night club plays the best selection of House, Lounge and RnB music and gorgeous gogo dancers make everybody move until early hours in the morning. But if you don’t come with your date, you might get to know somebody in one of the bars. Opium has 6 bars! And although the service is pretty fast there is always an opportunity to chat to somebody while waiting for a drink. Opium is a hotspot of the VIP clubbers who love parting with high class. It is so attractive because it is visited by the best-looking people and the elite of Barcelona. A party at Opium is always a happy ending!

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