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YouBarcelona is a company that genuinely cares about the sites you visit in Barcelona.  We hope that you will visit the most beautiful sites that will enhance your experience in Barcelona.  Being in Barcelona for almost three weeks I have been able to accustom to the culture and the lifestyle the Europeans have adapted.  The hardest thing for tourists may be picking between the endless options that Barcelona has to offer.  Thankfully, I have been able to narrow it down to the three most beautiful and most important attractions of Barcelona.

Ciutadella Park

The beautiful weather of Barcelona is one of the major reasons tourists chose it for their summer outing.  Like I mentioned earlier, as a foreigner, I had the entire world to choose from.  However, due to the phenomenal cool and fresh weather Barcelona has to offer it was an easy pick for me.  Prior to my arrival to Barcelona, I looked up the most beautiful tourist spots and Ciutadella Park was easily the most unforgettable in my opinion.  It was an easy pick for my wallpaper as I eagerly waited to arrive in Barcelona.  While I am nowhere close to a native, I have become addicted to running to this park or just a place to find tranquility.  This Barcelona park is located in a gorgeous open space behind the chic Barcelona neighborhood: El Born.  As an active individual, I have been able to run to this location with the privilege of running through Arc Del Triolm as well, another beautiful location in Barcelona.  Sitting in this location by the seaside allows you to let the cool breeze from the ocean to cool you off. The Ciutadella Park offers multiple museums and attractions that most don’t even know exist.  By taking the metro L1 and L4, you arrive at one of the most spectacular attractions of Barcelona.

Ciutadella Park Barcelona

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Font Magica de Montjuic)

This magical fountain has become one of the most spectacular displays of Barcelona due to its color, light, motion, music, and water acrobatics.  The perfect combination of these elements provides an avid amount of magic, which easily guarantees a magical night under the waters for.  While this display is just as beautiful during the day as it is at night, as a tourist myself I would highly advise discovering this attractive spot at night.  The easiest way to arrive at this attraction is by taking the lines L1 (RED) and L3 (GREEN) that spot at Plaza Espanya.  You can be a part of the 2.5 million individuals who visit the magical fountain each year.  The best part about this unique and unforgettable view is that is open to the public and completely FREE.  While in Barcelona, this fountain is as close as magical as you can get outside of a fairy tale book. The shooting columns of water are illuminated by bright colors and the movement of the jets is perfectly synchronized with a soundtrack.

Montjuic Fountain Barcelona

Montserrat Mountain

If you are a more active person who genuinely enjoys physical activities such as hikes, then get ready to literally seek the heights at Montserrat monastery. Monsterrat which means, “saw or serrated mountain” is located 30 miles west of Barcelona.  Montserrat is a part of Catalonia that is located at the Benedictine Abbey-Santa Maria de Montserrat.  Although it is an hour and a half train ride from Barcelona, navigating your way to the sight is surprisingly easy.   With beautiful weather and eager anticipation, you will hike up to most alluring sight Barcelona has to offer.  The most convenient part about traveling to this height is that is can be done by height and via transportation.  It is recommended that you wear hiking sneakers and have a backpack packed with all your hiking necessities.  While your hike up to Montserrat monastery, you can stop at the beautiful Plaza Mayor and enjoy the beautiful sight of the sun.  This is a view that people enjoy just as much as the mountain itself. The unique rock formations are visible from a great distance and accompany your sights as you come closer to the actual view. However, as you arrive at the top of the mountain you get a feeling of invulnerability and control.  This unexplainable feeling is what drives so many tourists to the heights.  

Montserrat Mountain Barcelona