Barcelona VIP Table Booking

VIP Table Booking

The VIP table booking service is for clients interested in spending a more exclusive and private night. We are sure that our club selection will offer the best VIP treatment. We are committed to making our customers enjoy their night to the fullest, giving them the night and qualified service they deserve.  

Opium, Pacha, Bling Bling, Otto Zutz, Hotel W, Catwalk, Shoko and Hyde Club.

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These are the different tables we work with and the prices and conditions of it:

Opium Table Booking

VIP Tables Opium Barcelona

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Opium

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Pacha Table Booking

VIP Tables Pacha Barcelona

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Pacha

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Hotel W Table Booking

VIP Tables W Eclipse Barcelona

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Hotel W

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Bling Bling Table Booking

VIP Tables Bling Bling Barcelona

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Bling

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Otto Zutz Table Booking

VIP Tables Otto Zutz Barcelona

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Otto

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Catwalk Table Booking

catwalk ingles

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Catwalk

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Shoko Table Booking

shoko vip tables

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Shoko.

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Hyde Table Booking 

VIP Tables Hyde Barcelona

For prices, discounts, map and bookings in Hyde.

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Other Clubs in Barcelona

For other clubs, click here.

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  • 1 bottle of liquor and 10 soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Tonic & Red Bull) are included in table price
  • These prices include 75cl bottles of Absolut, Ballantine's, Beefeater, Brugal. Premium bottles are an extra charge.

How to pay:

  • YouBarcelona offers free VIP table booking without additional costs.
  • There is no need to pay in advance for a table booking. You settle your bill in the club at the end of the night. 

Birthday Celebrations

For an important celebration, whether it's a birthday party, bachelor party or just meeting with your group of friends - you may want to have a special night in the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona. Your dreams could come true with Lista Isaac VIP table booking. Lista Isaac VIP table booking provides you the opportunity to spend a perfect night in one of the best clubs with your own private space and VIP treatment surrounded by the most beautiful people and famous celebrities.

Lista Isaac Table Booking

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Free entrance to the clubs.

entrance clubs

With Barcelona VIP table booking you can have your table for the best prices ever and moreover to have free entrance to the most exclusive clubs for free! If you want to know the club before booking with us, you can enjoy for free using youbarcelona guestlist. 

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Best Clubs for tables

The most luxurious club of Barcelona - Opium Mar, is one of the options where you can have your table for only for 300 euro - up to 5 people. There are four glamorous VIP rooms: Grey Goose, G.H. Mumm, Veuve Clicquot or the Johnnie Walker. Opium Mar located in front of the beach  - very cool area for you to party with style.

Opium VIP Area

Another exclusive club is Bling Bling located in the up-town area. The club is known for its cosmopolitan clientele, you will never be disappointed while partying at Bling Bling. 

Bling Bling Barcelona

In Bikini and posh Soho Barcelona VIP table booking gonna cost you only 150 euro!  And if you celebrate your birthday on Friday or Saturday, you get a bottle of cava for free!

Soho Barcelona

See more info and prices of VIP Table Booking HERE.

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Top 10 reasons for booking with youbarcelona

top 10 reasons

Discover the Top 10 reasons for Booking with YouBarcelona Here

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