Refresh your closet for party at Bling Bling

If you are tired of your closet – too many smart and elegant outfits, here we are to suggest you few freaky, more colorful options – YouBarcelona, Isaac Guestlist.

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Bling Bling is one of the most fashionable venues in Barcelona. Its interior decor was designed by Estrella Salietti and it will not leave you indifferent. It brings you the feeling of luxury, similarly to when you enter a 5 star hotel lobby.

Bling Bling barra

To fit the style and design of Bling Bling, it is important to remember about the laser shows, lightings, and true, elegant style of the club. It is not hard to remember as even the clubs name reminds you about it :)

People who come to the club like to party and they appreciate its urban and cool design.  Every corner of the club sparkles with crystals and jewels.  You can easily be inspired by the brilliance and elegance of the place.

The key is to combine simple, everyday party clothes with accessories and give it a little touch of Urban Casual, that is well viewed in most of the clubs.

Look casual para Bling Bling

If what you want is to dress up and sparkle in the honor of the clubs name (Bling Bling), you shall decant garments with glitter. We promise you that with flashes of lighting, you will be the center of attention.

Vestido brillo para Bling Bling

When it comes to boys, it is not such a big problem either. If you do not want to take a risks,  a white shirt, good shoes and a pair of black pants with a nice belt will do their job. You can also choose a more Urban Casual look with dark jeans, grey shirt and dark boots or shoes.

Urban Casual chicos para Bling Bling

If your outfit is on point and you are ready to hit the dance floor here are the different ways to join YouBarcelona Guestlist for Bling Bling Barcelona: