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The club Jamboree Barcelona is a historic club where live Jazz is what stands out the most, although after midnight, it becomes an incredible discotheque where you can dance to very different musical styles. This club is eager to welcome you to offer fun, music, good atmosphere and, of course, the best parties.

The club is located in the Plaça Reial in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, and has two large rooms where you can give it all; in the main room of the Jamboree Barcelona club you can dance to the rhythm of musical genres such as Hip Hop, R & B and Funk and in the Tarantos Room, you will hear the best songs of the eighties and nineties. In addition, you can enjoy the incredible parties of this club seven days a week, as it is open 365 days a year. Hurry up and buy your tickets.

jamboree barcelona

Jamboree Barcelona Entrance


To enter the famous nightclub Jamboree Barcelona you have three different options that you can use and live a great different and unique experience. Below we are going to detail them so you can choose the type of tickets that interests you the most.

To begin with you have the entrance through the Jamboree List, with which you will have the privilege of accessing the Jamboree nightclub for free or with a discount until a certain time of the night. We recommend this option 100% because you can use it in all the parties you want and save paying the entrance fee every time you go to the Jamboree Barcelona nightclub.

Joining the Jamboree List is super fast and easy: on our website, look for the party you want to go to with your friends, fill in the required personal information and click on "Join", that's all. At the door of the Jamboree Barcelona nightclub, show the access confirmation and you can enjoy an amazing night listening and dancing to the best alternative music.

Secondly, you can choose the normal tickets that you can buy directly at the box office of the Jamboree Barcelona nightclub. The price of the Jamboree ticket is 15€ with a drink included. Normally, this option is used by visitors who do not know the Jamboree List.

jamboree barcelona

Finally, you have the option to book a VIP table at Jamboree Barcelona and enjoy the latest in alternative music in the most exclusive way possible. So, if you get together a maximum of 5 people, you can book a VIP table at Jamboree, which includes: tickets, a VIP table just for you, a basic bottle, refreshments and a very professional and personalized service.

jamboree barcelona

Before coming to the Jamboree Barcelona nightclub it is important that you take into account several aspects such as: Jamboree's schedule, the time limit to enter the club, the type of Jamboree's music which is totally alternative, etc. On the other hand, the club has an access policy that all visitors must comply with: the minimum age allowed in Jamboree is +18 and the recommended dress code is casual. If you or any person in your group violates any rule you will not be able to enter, even if you have a ticket, as tickets do not ensure you access to the Jamboree Barcelona nightclub.

Enjoy all the Jazz sessions or live your best nights at the Jamboree Barcelona nightclub, you will not be disappointed, this we assure you. If you want to know more in depth the iconic Jamboree Barcelona nightclub or buy tickets for their upcoming parties, click on the following link.

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