Clubs +18 in Barcelona

“Show me your ID”, “it’s for 21+-year-olds”, “you can’t go in”... and a thousand and one more reasons that stop you just as you’re at the door of an unforgettable night.  For this reason, YouBarcelona Guest List is giving you a guest list of the clubs for the young people of Barcelona (+18) so you don’t have to experience these awkward situations. 

Some clubs for young people are:

Soho club Barcelona for young people (+18)

Soho Club offers a good party and fun for young people, because is a popular place in Barcelona with a modern style, and music like Commercial House, Hits and Pachangar or Latin Music especially to youngers.

Soho Club Barcelona +18

Free parties at Soho

Free Parties for younger

Pacha club Barcelona for young people (+18)

Pacha Barcelona offers a cool night in the best club of the city, where you can go and find chic people to enjoy every amazing party, because it is recognized for being an exclusive place in Barcelona.

Pacha Club for young people

Free parties at Pacha

Free Parties for younger

Jamboree club Barcelona for young people (+18)

Jamboree Barcelona is an alternative club, that offers a crazy party with young people, where you can listen and dance to the best hip hop, urban and funky music. 

Jamboree club barcelona for youngers

Free parties at Jamboree

Free Parties for younger

Mojito club Barcelona for young people (+18)

Mojito club is the perfect place for those who like to dance to the rhythm of Latin music like merengue, bachata, salsa and reggaeton, because is the best nightclub with Latin music and professional escenographia at the same time are you dancing.

Mojito club for younger

Free parties at Mojito

Free Parties for younger

Catwalk club Barcelona for young people (+18)

Catwalk Club with three areas, first the Mainroom, second the Sky Room and the terrace, where you can hear for every room, different music like commercial house, reggaeton, hip hop and R&B. It is a place to see and to be seen amongst the youngest, most stylish, and well-groomed people of the city.

Catwalk club for young

Free parties at Catwalk

Free Parties for younger

Otto Zutz club Barcelona for young people (+18)

Otto Zutz club, offers three rooms with differents music style like the best commercial house, hip hop and RnB. Otto Zutz is an original nightclub with a bold modern club that breaks the standards of the rest of the Barcelona nightclubs, creating a venue that transcends the minds of the crowd. This club has a very sophisticated atmosphere and their people are young.

Otto Zutz +18

Free parties at Otto Zutz

Free Parties for younger

City Hall club Barcelona for young people (+18)

City Hall the best club with good techno, electronic, dance music and great guest DJs. It is aimed at a young audience of both fashionable local and international clubbers who are looking for the best techno place in Barcelona.

City Hall Club for Young

Free parties at City Hall

Free Parties for younger

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