• Calle Rosselló, 208, Barcelona
  • Metro L5 Diagonal / FFCC Provença
  • 23:55h - 06:00h
  • Hits / Reggaeton / R&B / House Comercial / Top Hits
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Twenties Barcelona. Fashionable nightclub located in the Upper Zone. You can enjoy the best parties, the best atmosphere with your friends and you will have an experience that you will never forget. Read more

Parties at Club Twenties Barcelona

Twenties Barcelona is one of the fashion clubs in the city of Barcelona with 25 years open to the public. This nightclub is one of the most frequented by young people and university students of the city. Age is usually around +18 and +25 and on Thursdays the best university parties in Barcelona meet at Twenties Barcelona.

Here Hits, Reggaeton and R&B music is danced and heard, around beautiful people who make this nightclub a classic in the nights of Barcelona. You can enjoy it every week from Thursday to Saturday, Twenties Barcelona guarantees you to have a good time with your friends.