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Bling Bling Barcelona is a home to a very exciting and fun club located in the city. Bling Bling is a special club that attracts a large group of people to come party until the sun rises at 6am. The best thing about Bling Bling staying open until 6am every night is that you can enjoy the club in Barcelona as it was meant to be, all night long. 

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Bling Bling is a very elegant and exclusive venue decorated in a way that allows people ample room to explore the club and dance. Bling Bling caters to multiple crowds with its two dance floors; first dance floor you can hear a mix of House and Electronic music, the second dance floor you can hear a mix of  spanish party music called Pachangueo.

Bling Bling is the leader in creating an atmosphere that attracts a wide variety of people with musical tastes that is very extensive. Bling Bling is guartneed to give anyone a new taste of the nightlife with its location, crowd, and music

If you are prepared to spend your night at one of the best and most loved parties of Barcelona, join us at Bling Bling Barcelona for a night that you will never forget!

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