Maria Cubí - Santaló Bars

The End - Santaló, 34 

The End Bar, perfect for organizing group dinners with friends, colleagues or businesses. The End blends perfectly good service and quality food in a restaurant with an exclusive and fun atmosphere of a cocktail bar. 


- Menus from 22 € with an open bar for 2 hours including white wine, red wine, beer and soft drinks, with the possibility wines, is replaced by bleeding.

- Menus from 22 € with a drink for 3 € more. (both points white)

Reserve your dinner by calling / Whatsapp +34 697 485 000 or by sending mail to

The End Barcelona

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Solidarik - Amigó, 37 

Birthday parties, cocktail parties, evening/night football ... All this and more you have it in Solidarik! A whole team of young professionals in the industry is waiting to give you a place with good atmosphere and the best sessions of R & B, house, commercial hits, and success always. 

Solidarik Barcelona

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Alkimia Bar - Amigó, 35 

Feel like doing a pre-dinner and drinks before heading out to party? Alkimia Bar offers you drinks and cocktails to an exquisite tapas menu including drinks. Not to mention that it is a two-story bar with a good atmosphere and variety of music to please all your musical tastes.  


- Menus from € 18 including a soft drink or beer and ability to include special cakes or desserts.

- Menus from 24 € to pack wine, sangria, beer and soft drinks included and ability to include special cakes or desserts. 

Reserve your dinner by calling / Whatsapp +34 697 485 000 or by sending mail to

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Cocodrilo - Maria Cubi, 180 

With the concept of a pub lounge, Croc Bar on Maria Cubi in upper Barcelona Area is one of the ideal bars to get drinks with friends before continuing the party. 

Cocodrilo Barcelona

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Silk Music Bar - Maria Cubi, 173 

Silk´s most regular clients describe it as a friendly and relaxed bar with minimalist decor. Silk Music Bar is a music bar where you can have a drink in peace and listen to good music. 

Silk Music Bar Barcelona

For more information or private events, call or WhatsApp at +34 663 316 611.