Your Stories



20th of August 2015

Right, so let me tell you my story;

Wednesday night I met up with a girl that I have been talking long time on Facebook. The problem is that while she was looking very attractive in the pictures, she wasn’t that pretty in reality. Well, I stayed for a bit to see if at least she was as nice and funny as she was when we were chatting.  

After getting several shots and drinks at the bar, we decided to go to Opium. We enter Opium on Isaac Guestlist and a bouncer told me: 'Sorry, you have the label off your shirt out”. Come on! I was walking half of the night with the label out and nobody me!

In Opium once again we ordered a few more drinks and we got pretty tipsy. And you know what? Suddenly, the girl wasn’t that ugly! She was actually looking really fine.  From minute to minute flirting was becoming more obvious and yes it was a great reason for few kisses.

Finally, we left Opium and I escorted her in taxi home. In the taxi she took my hand and she started kissing me and I thought; damn, here in front of the driver and she is not ashamed at all... We arrived at her place and she asked me if I want to come up. I said that it would be very nice (in the meantime the taxi driver was waiting while the taximeter was still counting cents). I decided to go up and you know… we went to "sleep" together...

I woke up and got up super relaxed as she had told me that her parents were on vacation. I thought I heard the TV so I went to see if it was on. I mean we could have switched the TV on last night and forgot to turn it off.  As soon as I entered the salon I saw a man on the couch. Her FATHER! But you know how they say that the world is small? Well, her father was my history teacher.

He looked at me, standing there without T-shirt and nervous as hell I couldn’t think about anything else but asking “What are you doing here?” and he answered “And you?” ... What the hell was I supposed to say? I felt caged in. So I told him the truth: I sleeping with your daughter but I was just about to leave...

He sat me and her on the sofa to give us the talk. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. And I answer the question that you all probably wonder about: YES, I PASSED HISTORY THAS YEAR. But our relation was rather tense.