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What it is like working for an international company

Studying at university is great for many reasons, you develop valuable skills, broaden your philosophical horizons and become an alcoholic connoisseur with an understanding of what cheap drinks get you drunk, quick.  Alongside these character building attributes, university is a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into how company’s work, through offering internships and placements to proactive students who want them. What is even better if you can also have the opportunity to work abroad, which is what I am currently doing.

What it is like working for an international company

Being a student at Coventry University I enjoyed the rich culture that flows through its veins, however, after my first year I started to become restless, and wanted to challenge myself. I spotted an internship to work in Online Marketing for StudentJob UK, which was awesome because their headquarters are based in Hoofddorp, Netherlands - which is a stone’s throw away from the tulip delight, Amsterdam.

After that brief introduction - I am now going to talk to you about what it is like to work for an international company, using a lovely list.


StudentJob is bursting with culture, with many of the interns travelling across Europe, from France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and of course the Netherlands, UK and Ireland. It truly makes working an unique experience, learning the history of other countries, favourite foods and delicacies, understanding different humours and most of all, you get to make amazing friends. It is important to highlight that in the Netherlands, it was voted number one in 2018 for having the best work/life balance, which I can already feel the effects already.  The office is forward thinking, creative and collaborative, but most important the employees and interns are cared for. If you wish to find out more, click here for a nice summary of StudentJob

StudentJob is full of perks

Moving on from Netherlands having the a desirable work/life balance - StudentJob does not shy away from this fact. Not only are your travel expenses paid for, which trust me, is an absolute lifesaver for your bank account, you can also enjoy their hospitality of free lunches everyday and drink an ice cold Heineken on a Friday afternoon. I recently attended a free kick-boxing session too, so I am one step closer to my summer’s body. Not impressed? They also host an annual festival for all of their employees canal cruises throughout the city, and of course, Heineken is supplied.

Dependent to Independent

At university, many students, including myself left the nest that was called home to stay in university halls and then student housing. With this comes some independence, however, (I know a few will agree with me) you never truly feel like an adult. Yes, you learn how to pay bills, deal with housing rubbish and cook mediocre meals - but you are still in the comfort of your own country. Moving abroad quite literally puts you in the deep end and for all good reasons. You wave goodbye to your family, friends and in my case, my little dog, Jacko and step into the unknown. In a space of four weeks I quickly learned how to adapt to the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam and already feel so much more confident in myself and what I am doing.

Amsterdam is the perfect city

Working for an international company, means of course, enjoying the hot destinations. I myself live in Amsterdam and so far I have had the time of my life. Transportation links are breath of fresh air, especially when its compared to the London Underground. Twenty-minutes on the metro and I am in Central, where I am faced with historical culture, ranging from the canals which injects beauty throughout the whole of the city, museums, shops, and picturesque parks. Museumplein is most certainly my favourite spot, with the Rijksmuseum serving as its backdrop, sets for an impressive view. Most importantly, the locals are so friendly, if you look lost or confused, they go out of their own way to make sure you are ok. I am also pretty sure they speak better English than me!

Resultado de imagen de etudier a l'etranger

Living and working abroad has so far been an absolute blast. Fortunately for me, I still have another eleven months here, but already I wish it was more. What I have told you is simply a snapshot of how great it can be for a student to work for an international company. Do the brave thing and explore the world, you will not forget it.

Megan Bryant