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Tiesto @ Opium Mar

After our first experiences there for their infamous Sunday night “Soundays” and DJ Kaskade’s performance the week beforehand, my co-worker/best friend Akunna and I have become regulars at the classy, exclusive OpiumMar Club located on the Barcalonetta beachfront. We both know that this club guarantees a memorable night regardless of the day; so when we found out that internationally known DJ Tiesto would be performing in the kind of environment Opium has to offer, there was no doubt in our minds that we were in something mind-blowing.

Tiesto @ Opium Mar

opium mar

When we stepped out of the taxi, our jaws dropped in awe at the amount of people standing outside of Opium; impatiently waiting to get into one of the nightclub’s biggest nights of the summer. Wearing our high heels and outfits we had especially picked out for this event, we comfortably walked up to one of the bouncers standing outside of the Barcelona’s most elite club of the night. On top of getting a twenty euro discount on our tickets thanks to Lista Isaac, there was no difference in the casual entrance and the warm nod from the bouncer we have come to know on any other day of the week. Uttering “Lista Isaac - Dos” ensures you free access, VIP treatment, and friendly exchanges from those working at the door.

Opium Mar known for it’s bright lights, high ceilings, big-names DJs, attractive people, and prime location was definitely prepared to be at it’s finest for this long anticipated night both locals and foreigners had been waiting for. Our faces lit up as we absorbed all that had been done in preparation for the night. The club and it’s restaurant had been rearranged in order to enable more room for the crowd to get as much of a personal relationship with the DJ as possible without it being too crowded and the VIP area of the club was elevated parallel to the stage. Above the VIP and to the far right of the DJ were screens which televised the chic, upscale population on the dance floor.

tiesto barcelona

Everyone was dressed at their best and the aura in the room was indescribable. Although DJ Tiesto did not start playing until around 3 am, that did not stop the energetic, carefree youth from dancing to the electronic and hit music spun by the preceding DJs as it boomed from the club’s surround sound speakers. Stepping down the stairs and into the general area in front of the stage we were instantly surrounded by some of the most beautiful people you’ll see in Europe and from around the world. Opium was the place to be for the nightand it all came together for everyone when Tiesto’s devoted fans cheered as he came into the spotlight, smiling. Through his ability to effortlessly flow one beat into the next and interact with everyone in the space the at the same time, DJ Tiesto created a masterpiece out of
the crowd and what we all knew we had just experienced once Opium lights slowly illuminated the entire club at around six in the morning.

Still in tact, our second home and Lista Isaac had once again exceeded our expectations and provided an environment where we truly experience the best Spain has to offer.
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