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A Typical Night at Sutton

When first entering Sutton Club, i was instantly reminded of The Bank club located inside the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Although it didn't start to fill up until after 2am, once it was filled, it was poppin. I felt like a celebrity when I walked up to the bouncer and told him I was on Lista Isaac.  He nodded, lifted the rope and allowed me through for free, no questions asked. I walked through the long, elegant hallway to the discoteca.  As soon as I opened the double doors, I understood instantly why this is one of the greatest clubs and parties in all of Barcelona. The green lights lining the bar and dance area gave the club a classy feel with a hint of mystery.  The VIP booths were dimly lit, making the rest of the crowd eager to see what celebrity might be occupying them.  

A Typical Night at Sutton

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This club was filled with beautiful girls with beautiful outfits scantily covering their beautiful bodies.  Almost everywhere I looked I could pick out what either was a runway model lookalike or a real supermodel.  When I think of a club where famous people tend to party, this one instantly pops into my head.  The dance floor was packed all night with friendly people just looking to make the best of the night.  One of the greatest things about this club was the amount of lounge area that was not directly on the dance floor, nor closed off for private VIP use.  After an hour of dancing and sweating amongst the partygoers dedicated to the dance floor, I was able to quickly get a drink from one of three large bars, and sprawl on a white cushion, giving my feet a chance to recover.  To my happy surprise, after sitting down for no more than 5 minutes, I was approached by some handsome and respectable looking men.  I found out later that among them were a few FC Barcelona players.  Barcelona is known for having some of the best looking people in Europe and to me, it seems like they all congregate at this club.

 Although this club is more upscale and classy, the music bumps loudly with familiar beats while the people dance and drink feverishly.  There was a constant glow of the sparkling champagne bottles that were delivered to the VIP booths, making any clubgoer yearn to be a part of their private escapades.  Not only is this a place to be seen, it also seems like one of Barcelona's best clubs to witness the party habits of celebrities and athletes.  Any downside to this exclusive club would be the entry fee and the expensive drinks (9 euro for 1 beer!!). However, Lista Isaac will get you in for free, saving you 15 euro that you can instead use on drinks!  I recommend ordering a vodka Redbull because not only are the bartenders generous with the amount of alcohol they pour into your glass, the caffeine will keep you dancing all night long!  But don't worry, if you have had one too many, the bathrooms at Sutton are beautiful, large, and a place to relax.  If you want to party to experience what it is like to party like a celebrity, go to Sutton club.

Until Next Time,

Perly Girl