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Dancing the Night Away at Sotavento

 Not only was I able to get into Sotavento free with no hassle by using Lista Isaac, I was also given a free drink ticket at the entrance!  Considering that most drinks in these top clubs are at least 10 euro, this was quite a good deal!  They offer every drink you can think of from vodka Limón, to mojitos, to cava!  Descending down the elegant spiraling staircase, I was unsure if I was about to enter a royal ballroom or a dance club.  As soon as I took my first step off the stairs I could feel the loud bass through the marble floor.  This is one of the best laid out clubs I have ever seen.  There were multiple VIP areas that lined the dance floor. The DJ booth is raised above the dance floor with two platforms for the stunning club dancers. The ceiling was covered with massive color changing lights that kept the mood sophisticated but also very playful.  

Dancing the Night Away at Sotavento


The music was steady and strong throughout the entire night, keeping the dance party never-ending until close.  Past the dance floor is a large patio right off the beach where one can take a breather and look at the ocean, grab a smoke, or become a little more intimate with a partner.  Although a mixed drink cost 10 euro, they were well worth it.  The drinks were very strong, and the fact that we were served by a gorgeously tan bartender made us forget what we had just paid.  The club goers were a mix of young international visitors and locals all extremely fashionable.  I met a lot of people who were in Barcelona on holiday and many others who work and live here. I was also happily surprised to see a live saxophone and guitar player that played along with the DJ’s beats.  This enhanced the fiesta and the crowd went wild with pleasure as soon as the musicians came on.  That was unique and something that I had not seen in any other discoteca until now.  The only downside to this club was that it closed at 3am and every single person inside Sotavento was hesitant and sad to leave.  It is very convenient that Sotavento is located right along the beach so ushered out partygoers can still mingle and party.  However, the night doesn’t stop there because two doors down, Opium Mar is open until the wee hours of the morning!

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