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So Damn Delicious

How amazing would it be if you could say that there is absolutely no “bad” place in Barcelona to eat?  However, that is not always the case seeing that there are tons of places that will not satisfy your needs.  As a Bengali-American, I have been exposed to various kinds of foods that not many people would be comfortable eating.  Through my heritage, I have learned that it is very important to be open minded when trying different foods, especially in a foreign country.  If an individual is closed minded in a foreign country, their experience will lack much authenticity and your exposure to the culture will be minimal.   While I have been open-minded, that does not take away from my likes and dislikes in different restaurants.  If I do not like a food, I don’t like it and if I do, I will certainly be craving it at the most random times of the day.  Luckily, through YouBarcelona, I have been discovered the most unique and elegant restaurants in Barcelona. 

So Damn Delicious

The first restaurant that caught my interest was Verne.  Verne is a restaurant that provides their guests with a unique underwater experience in Barcelona.  The restaurant allows their guests to enjoy their dinner in a dark background with a giant jellyfish illuminating their table.  Their wide selection of seafood is made with love and passion for enhancing everyone's experience.  Their signature cocktails in seashells will define your journey through the oceans. The décor of the restaurant invites you to immerse yourself and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine for any intimate occasion.  Better yet, when going with a group of people you are served with a special menu provided by YouBarcelona

If you are one of those who gets seasick way too easily, Verne might not be the place for you.  However, we can move on to Jardinet d’Aribau. This restaurant has become known as the green spot of Barcelona.  With free entry to the club, you are also provided with a special menu specifically through YouBarcelona.  With the privilege of being located in an area with a lot of nightlife, Jardinet d’ Aribau proposes a young and upbeat atmosphere where you are taken to a fantasy world of nature.  Whether it is an intimate occasion or a group outing, you are guaranteed with a special night under the canopy of a tree or next to a soothing waterfall.  This fantasy world is committed to their philosophy that believes nature is the greatest protagonist.  Enjoy a night out in a garden full of flowers that create inspiration you have never witnessed before.

If neither the sea nor garden seems appealing to you, located in the center of Barcelona, is the one and only Elephant Restaurant and Lounge.  The welcoming service and wide selection of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines create a completely different atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else in Barcelona. The setting offers an irresistible ambiance of exoticism and mystery that will leave you with a magical experience.  The food itself is so unforgettable that easily accompanies your unforgettable memories.  The cocktails and stylish choice of music ensures a great night ahead.  The elephant offers exclusive VIP tables with top service to satisfy every customer’s desires.  The Elephant’s availability of space, technical capabilities, and range of menus makes it a great option for any type of event.

With an open mind and an empty stomach, you are guaranteed a tasty night.  Go out with a group and take advantage of the specials offered by YouBarcelona including signature cocktails and free entry to the nightclub to accompany your night out!