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Small('s) Club with A Great Spirit

We have been absent for a bit, but we are coming back with a true titbit! Are you looking for a unique place to party in Barcelona? Some place that is exclusive but maybe not that commercial? Something that will make your night unforgettable?

Small('s) Club with A Great Spirit

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We have a perfect spot for you! Small’s Club in Barcelona proves that small venues can have a great spirit.


Small’s is a club located in one of the most prestigious areas in Barcelona, La Ciudad Condal. Although the venue isn’t impressive size it combines a restaurant, cocktail bar and nightclub – in the other words, everything that you need for your night-out.


Maybe you don´t have idea where to dine… Well, if you would like to start your night from Peruvian, Japanese and/or Brazilian cuisine Small’s is the place to be. In addition, a distinctive list of cocktails, with an exquisite gin-tonic with caviar at the top, will play a role of the dessert perfectly.


Although, Small’s isn’t too big, it can be very loud and it will not disappoint you with its music selection. The best Hip Hop and RnB tracks make there people going from Thursday evening till Monday morning. With its selected clientele, Small’s has become a “must-go” for the celebrities that visit Barcelona. The very unique thing about the venue is a “secret door” where the members and VIP clientele are the only one with access. So if you plan your birthday, bachelor, hun or some other special party, Small’s is unbeatable in terms of its uniqueness.

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All in all, if you are coming to Barcelona just to visit do put Small’s on your “must-visit” list. Although the interior décor is inspired by the big city clubs from London and New York, the club spirit is absolutely one-of-the-kind and it would be a mistake not to experience it.  

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Due to the exclusiveness of the place there four different ways to join Isaac Guestlist and enter to the club for free:

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