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Barcelona Segway Tour

Barcelona Segway Tour: explore the city in a different way

Barcelona Segway Tour



Barcelona Segway Tour is a company that organizes Segway Tours through the city of Barcelona. Get on
your wheels and come with us to know the coolest less-known corners of the mediterranean city.


The Segway Personal Transporter (Segway PT - Personal Transporter) is a lightweight two-wheeled
transport vehicle with computer-controlled self-balancing. It was invented by the American inventor Dean
Kamen and is produced by the company Segway Inc. The Segway is the first self-balancing transport
device in which the user should lean towards the direction he wants to take (front, back, right or left). The
engine is electric and quiet, reaching 20 km/h (15 km/h in the P-series).


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The Segway PT intuitively balances in the same way that humans do - moving forward and backward,
responding to changes in their body posture. There is no accelerator or brakes. Lean forward and move
forward. Get straight and stand up. Lean back and move backwards. To rotate, turn the lean steer in any
direction. The driving is natural, intuitive and one of the main reasons the Segway PT effortlessly
integrates different situations and environments.


SIGHTSEEING: A touristic route on a Segway is a different experience. Thanks to its electric motor you set
the speed intuitively all the time, accelerating or stopping. The movement will allow you to appreciate
things from all the different points of view you choose. Because the Segway allows you to move quickly
from A to B, you will see many of the main landmarks and views of Barcelona in just one session.


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ENERGY: A touristic Tour can be a very exhausting activity: it requires walking, carrying backpacks and
constantly moving from one place to another. Usually, you see the first monument with great enthusiasm
while in the third or the fourth you are tired and not having that good time anymore. That´s why being
able to visit all the important monuments while keeping your energy is such a great advantage.

INDEPENDENCE: With a Segway you can move quickly around the City Centre on bike lanes, public parks
and many other spots. The Segway allows you to move on two wheels automatically without having to
worry about parking a car, motorcycle or paying a taxi.

DISTANCES: In a Segway Tour everything is close. You don´t have to worry about the distance, the time or
energy when planning your route. The Segway is an efficient way to visit the city, see everything
important in a record time and having a good time from the beginning to the end.

TRAFFIC: Segway contributes to reduce traffic congestion in the city, as the Segway does not circulate
along the road. Also the Segway user doesn´t have to be worried about parking spaces, tickets or traffic

ENVIRONMENT: The Segway works with electricity so it is an eco-friendly alternative to buses or cars.
Choosing a Segway over gasoline vehicles like cars or buses can be a significant energy saver and reduce
the impact on the environment.

WEATHER: Barcelona is sunny most of the year, which means that during some hours of the day it gets
really hot, to the point you can´t even walk on the streets. But with a Segway you can avoid that
inconvenience and roll everywhere without even breaking a sweat.

PICTURES: The pace of the visit, the independence of our mean of transportation and the reduced groups
allows you to stop and take all the pictures you want. Especially since we can move away from some of
the more crowded places and find the perfect angle for your picture.

LOCAL GUIDES: A Local Guide on a Segway is more efficient than a regular guide. While on the Segway,
the guide makes sure that everyone is following at the same pace, everyone is going in the same direction
and, especially, everyone is having a good time. He will show you all the tricks to really enjoy your Segway


Barcelona Segway tours



The Barcelona Segway Tour is one the most complete tours. You will ride along the waterfront, the port,
the beaches and the Olympic neighborhood. If you want to feel the city and get the tone of the urban
Barcelona, this is a great choice.


Antonio Gaudi is a very important architect in Catalonian history. He designed several important
monuments in Barcelona, including La Sagrada Familia, one of the most visited churches in the world. If
you want to learn the special connection between Gaudi´s work and the history of Barcelona, the Gaudi
Segway Tour is for you.


If you want to combine the thrill of the city with the quietness of the nature, the Montjuic Segway Tour is
the one for you. The Montjuic Mountain is a natural space near the urban area that is great to visit and
learn the history of this district, stage of political struggle during the last 500 years.


The Olympic Segway Tour goes through the district that was constructed for the 1992 Olympic Games and
is still an important part of Barcelona. Through the Olympic port, the Olympic Neighborhood and the
Barcelona beaches you will enjoy the natural sights, the smell of the sea and its beautiful boardwalk.


With this tour you will discover Barcelona while the city slowly awakens. Enrich your senses with a
delicious breakfast served to you in a local tavern in the Born District. Choose the Early Bird Segway Tour
and enjoy the freshness of Barcelona during the peaceful morning hours. After this tour, a selection of
appetizing treats is waiting for you.


The Parc de la Ciutadella is named after the citadel which was once located there. In the premises it has a
zoo, modernist monuments, palaces and natural spaces with children´s recreation parks. The Ciutadella
Segway Tour is a great combination of culture and nature.


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