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Collaboration Samantha Rey - Blog Samantha y Punto - YouBarcelona

A new member lands a new member in the Fashion Blogger and YouBarcelona family!

She is Samantha Rey, has 29 years old and is from Salou but at the present time lives in Barcelona. Around a year ago she had the idea of being a fashion blogger, but a few months ago she decided to finally do it. 

Collaboration Samantha Rey - Blog Samantha y Punto - YouBarcelona

Since she was a little girl she loves fashion. Her favorite style is a combination of casual outfits, masculine outfits, but she also likes “GIRLIE” outfits with a perfect makeup. 

Her inspiration comes from all the fashion world, highlighting the fashion magazines and the famous “it girls” like Olivia Palermo. She also highlights Barcelona as her favorite city to to develop her blog. 

Cafeterias, stores, restaurants, club, etc are the main focus of her camara. But anything that brings out her inspiration: a photo, a girl that she sees on the streets or an actress in a movie. 

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Check out her blog “Samantha and period”, she loves to see her effort every day in the comments of ger posts, emails from other bloggers and everything that can help her grow in her project of being a fashion blogger. 

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