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Release the Glow, Attack the Floor, and Work it Low

Razzmatazz this past Thursday night was anything but normal. Razzmatazz presented The Bus tour featuring headliner, Diplo, and other acts such as Alizzz, Korby, and Mathbeats. Known by many as one of the hottest and most popular clubs in Barcelona, this was the truest of statements Thursday night. The club features five levels with different music on each, but the focus was on the main stage this past Thursday.

Release the Glow, Attack the Floor, and Work it Low


Residents of Barcelona, locals and internationals alike turned out to hear one of their favorite DJ´s play one of the best sets I´ve heard him play. I´ve seen Diplo now 4 times live and his set at Razzmatazz was the best I´ve heard him play. The energy in the club couldn´t be any more positive or pumped up. Diplo played the favorites, Boy Oh Boy, Revolution, and Express Yourself, along with a few new mixes. 

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Everything from the atmosphere to the dancers and the opening DJs made this concert one for the books as a student living in Barcelona for just one summer. I´ve seen and experienced a lot in the short 2 months I have been hear but seeing Diplo in a setting like Razzmatazz is a once in a life time event. To all who have yet to attend a concert at this awesome club I highly recommend it. Paying 22.50€ for the tickets online was definitely worth it, especially once the show sold out. Diplo did not disappoint nor did any of the opening acts, and I think it´s safe to say I will be making a great effort to make it back to Razzmatazz, DJ or no DJ to have a few more wild and crazy nights before I depart back for the USA. Just remember to ...

....express yourself, release the glow, attack the floor, & WORK IT LOW!

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