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Who said that the true Oktoberfest is only in Germany?!

What is Oktoberfest?       

Most of you perfectly know what Oktoberfest is whether it is from your personal experience or from the friends´ stories. But for those who don´t know or just want to refresh their memory we are coming up with a little description of it. Oktoberfest is the biggest funfair, known also as a beer festival. It has its origin in Germany and is an important part of Bavarian culture. The festival normally starts in late September and lasts for 16 days. During that time unimaginable amount of beer is drunk – the record has been set in 2011, when 7.5 million liters of this golden beverage were drunk!

Who said that the true Oktoberfest is only in Germany?!


Short History

The tradition of Oktoberfest has its beginning in early XIX, when crown Prince Ludwig, later Kind Ludwig I got married to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. To honor their marriage the citizens of Munich were invited for the festivities held on the fields in front of city gates.


These fields were named later Theresienwiese (“Theresa’s meadow) which is the German name of the Oktoberfest, which locally is often abbreviated to “Wiesn”. From 1811 Oktoberfest has been a way to promote Bavarian culture. And from 1850 a parade, where people are dressed in traditional costumes, has become an annual event and important part of this festival.

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Oktoberfest Barcelona 2014

This year Oktoberfest in Barcelona has started on Friday, 3rd of October and will last until the 12th. Therefore, you still have plenty of time to attend. On Fridays and Saturdays it is open until 1am and during the week days until 11pm. Today though there is “Día de la Fiesta Universitaria”, a special discount where two 1 liter beer jars are in the price of one. However, to take advantage from that promotion you have to order your beers between 5-9pm. And where the event takes place? In Fira Barcelona Montjuic, Plaza Universo, so very close to Plaza Espana metro station.


What to do when Oktoberfest is finished?

Just last week YouBarcelona has inaugurated new party season, so we have a bunch of options for you. On Monday you can Break Out with RnB beats in Pacha. On Tuesday you can have a night fever in CDCL with Never Tell Your Boyfriend party. And tonight you can get Obsessed with mellow moves of go-go dancer in Bling Bling. To see full line-up of the best parties click HERE.

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