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How to Cope with Night Fever?

SUMMER – what a beautiful time, isn’t it? We are waiting for it to come all year long. We can’t wait to enjoy every free moment at the beach tanning or swimming in the sea and wearing nothing but a swimming suit. And when the sun goes down… PARTY! But what to wear when it is way too hot for clothes even at night? At the end you still have to follow club dress codes and most of them unfortunately do not accept board shorts and flip flops… Here we giving you simple 4 hints that will help you to handle the night fever and still take the most of your night out.

How to Cope with Night Fever?


Clothing is probably one of the most important and the most problematic aspects when it comes to beating the heat. And it’s unfortunate but we can’t follow Nelly’s advice and take off all your clothes when it’s getting hot in herre. So what shall we wear? The key is to choose right fabric.

The best for heat is silk, which is smooth, comfortable texture that cools down and feels good on bare skin. It also looks great all night, do not crease and will be a perfect option for an exclusive party.

silk dress night fever party  

Linen is also a good choice as it is very light and allows your skin to breathe. And gentlemen, advice for you: you look extremely HOT (but not sweaty) in linen clothes especially at rooftop parties or WET DECK Summer Series!

linen suit night out barcleona  

However, at the end of the night in the club linen clothing might look a bit tired and creased. Both fabrics are also pretty expensive. So what could be a better choice would be light cotton which is the easiest to maintain, is breathable and cheap. Cotton with a BIT of synthetic have the same advantages as cotton but looks good even at the end of the night.  

cotton skirt nigth out barcelona  


ANNA DELLO RUSSO was so right about that. Usually bouncers at a club’s door do not really care about your outfit but they always look at your shoes! Therefore, do not expect to be able to join a party in the most luxurious clubs in Barcelona, like Opium or Bling Bling in flip flops.

bouncer clubs barcelona

All women love shoes! And men love women who wear high heels. But in summer period you might feel uncomfortable in closed toe high heels, even if there are made from leather. Luckily, there is a big variety of high heels wedges and sandals that look great with dress, shorts and trousers. Open toe shoes allow your feet to breathe and in the result help you to cool down your body.

  shoes black party high heel

Unfortunately sandals won’t be a solution for guys. And nope, sneakers or converse are not allowed either. But don’t lose your hope! A comfortable pair of moccasins would look very stylish, trendy and still will allow your feet to breathe. 

mocasins party shoes for men  


Surely you already know that when it’s hot you have to hydrate yourself. Though let’s face it nobody will be drinking just water in the club… Besides it wouldn´t be any fun. So what to drink in the club to keep yourself hydrated but also maintain a good vibe?

gin tonic drink

The old fashioned Gin Tonic is very refreshing and thanks to the bitterness of tonic you don’t feel thirsty for longer, not like in case of sweet drinks. The best club for Gin Tonic is Bling Bling. Here the flavour of this time-honoured cocktail is intensified by the elegant décor with a twist of the hall of a classic hotel.

margarita strawberry cdlc carpe diem cocktail

Mexican Margarita can be also a good choice when the night is warm. Lemon juice will be energizing, while the salt rim will complement your electrolytes which we lose in the process of cooling our body, in other words when we are sweating. You should definitely try it in Carpe Diem (CDLC), where it is described as El México más cool cocktail.

mojito long drink party summer

Cubans know what the heat is, that is why their Mojito is so tasty, bracing and nicely cooling. All that thanks to delicious mixture of limes, brown sugar, rum, peppermint and soda. Go for it if you want to enjoy your drink long, as it keeps its refreshing characteristics even when ice has melted already.  

martini sandia hotel w eclipse barcelona

Something that you can try specifically in Barcelona and what is absolutely delicious is Sandia Martini from Hotel W. This invigorating drink is chilly and heavenly tasty. You just have to try it!

If these options are not appealing enough and you still want to stay faithful to your favourite drink you should drink a glass of water every 1 or 2 drinks. It will keep you hydrated and it will help you to fight morning hangover.


If you are a fit-freak you should save your outdoor exercises for the early morning or evening when excruciating heat is less likely to murder you. Another option is to go to an air conditioned club with good music. Did you know that in one hour of general dancing (no specific style or super high intensity) you can burn even 300 calories? And you are at the party in average 4 hours! So even drinks you are going to drink at the bar won’t hurt your diet because you won’t be able to make up this caloric lost. 

bling bling