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Collaboration with Miryam & Aroa from MARY KAY

A new collaboration of YouBarcelona with the makeup world is here!

Surprise yourself with the makeup classes that Miryam & Aroa from MARY KAY have prepared for you! And they are totally free!

Collaboration with Miryam & Aroa from MARY KAY

Would you like to highlight your eyes or make them look bigger? Would you like too moisturize your skin with the best creams or highlight your skin color with the best makeup? Miryam & Aroa have special tips to make this happen!

Miryam & Aroa are experts on the makeup world and personal beauty. They know hoy to highlight you facial features. They provide personal attention to both girls and boys, offering them the best products. With their classes you will learn how to apply make up and know whats better for your skin. They provide all the materials that are necessary, give you tips and advices and teach you how to apply the makeup. You will only have to follow and they will guide you step by step on how to apply your make up. You will learn how to do this depending on the occassion, your style and on what you are wearing.  

  make up

Let yourself go and trust in the best hands on the world: Yours! 

Under the supervision of the experts Miryam & Aroa, to put on makeup will seem easy, comfortable and fun!

      girl make up

 If you want to enjoy of this makeup classes with Miryam & Aroa totally free send us an email at claudia@youbarcelona.com.