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Barcelona´s Best Non-Tourist Spots

 For a lot of people, the best part of travelling to Barcelona is experiencing all of the different activities and food choices the city has to offer. Every destination has its “hot spots” of interest for tourists and, unfortunately, those spots can quickly get crowded. Luckily, there are plenty of other hidden gems in Barcelona that even tourists can use to escape from other tourists. Here are the best non-tourist spots in Barcelona.

Barcelona´s Best Non-Tourist Spots

Xurreria dels Banys Nous



One of the best foods Barcelona produces are its churros. Located near the Liceu Metro stop on the Ramblas, the Xurreria dels Banys Nous is definitely a place that most people would just pass by. Although the shop is small and inconspicuous, the churros are some of the best I´ve ever had. Grab a typical sugar-dusted churro or one covered in chocolate, but either way you can´t go wrong. This place is perfect for a quick breakfast snack, an after-dinner treat, and a great traditional experience.

La Paradeta Born



If you love a large seafood menu, La Paradeta is your perfect casual lunch spot. This restaurant has a couple locations, but the one I went to was in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona near the Estació de França. At the front of this restaurant is a mini fish market. Before seating yourself, you pick the seafood you want to eat and the restaurant employee weighs and sends it to the kitchen to be cooked. Some of the seafood is still moving before it gets cooked! When it comes to quality and freshness, this hidden gem definitely comes out on top.


Hotel 1898

citybuilding barcelona

Unless you know better, Hotel 1898´s rooftop bar is easily hidden on Barcelona´s bustling Ramblas. Upon walking into the hotel, you have to pass the lobby and the bar to a set of elevators that will take you all the way up to the roof. Once there, the refined, modern bar and 360° views will easily take your breath away. With both new and traditional drink options, this rooftop bar is a relaxing place for all types of people.


Mercat de la Concepcio



If you want to do some food shopping in Barcelona but hate the crowds (and pick-pockets) at La Boqueria, the Mercat de la Concepcio is a great option. Located near the Passeig de Gracia, this market is essentially a relaxed, low-key version of La Boqueria where locals go to buy their groceries. With all the perks of it larger “sister” market, tourists can go here to sit and relax, people watch, and enjoy a nice shopping experience.

Even crowded with tourists, Barcelona´s most famous sites are definitely worth a visit. For those times where you need a break or a different experience, the different spots in this post will give you the full Barcelona experience without the hassle.