VIP tables in Pacha Barcelona

VIP Tables Pacha Barcelona

Pacha Barcelona is a must-visit club located in the Barceloneta Beach, a unique nightlife area in Barcelona. The club opens Monday through Sunday to offer the best of the Electronic Dance Music scenario and the most world top DJ's. With two rooms and an open air terrace, Pacha Barcelona has a different music style every day of the week bringing together a very fun and diverse crowd. Live the real Pacha Barcelona experience by booking a VIP table here now. 

How to book a VIP table at Pacha Barcelona?
- Call / WhatsApp at +34 663 316 611 or send an e-mail at
- We will then proceed to book the table at Pacha Barcelona and send you an e-mail confirmation immediately.

Pacha Barcelona VIP table booking

- Standard VIP table: Minimum consumption of 250€ for 5 people maximum
- Second line VIP table: Minimum consumption of 500€ for 5 people maximum
- Frontline VIP table: Minimum consumption of 800€ for 5 people maximum
* All tables include 1 bottle of liquor  (75cl bottles of Absolut , Ballantine's, Beefeater or Brugal) + 10 soft drinks 
* Premium bottle brands have an extra charge.

How to pay?
- YouBarcelona offers the Pacha Barcelona VIP table booking service without extra charges. 
- No need to pay in advance. You pay directly in the club at the beginning of your night.

What to do at the Pacha Barcelona entrance?
- Give the full name that appears on your VIP table reservation to the person at the door.
- You will be guided to the VIP queue. It is faster and for VIP bookings only.
- Once inside the club, a VIP manager will take you and your friends to your VIP table.

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Pacha Barcelona VIP table booking