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Pacha Barcelona is home to one of Barcelona's most entertaining and exciting clubs located on the beach of Port Olympic. Pacha is a name that has been synonymous in Spain as it has two locations, in Ibiza and Barcelona. Pacha is one of the few clubs allowed to stay open partying until early next morning. 

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Pacha is a very exclusive and elegant venue decorated as a place where people come to enjoy their night. Pacha has three separate areas where clubgoers come to party; The main dancefloor playing house and electronic music, the Red Room playing traditional Spanish party music called Pachangueo, and the Terrace outside just steps away from the beach is home to hip-hop and r&b. 

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Pacha Barcelona is the leader when it comes to creating an atmosphere that attracts a wide variety of people due to its musical variety. Pacha is guaranteed to give anyone a new taste of the nightlife with its location, crowd, and music. 

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If you are prepared to spend your night at one of the best and most loved parties in all of Barcelona, please join us at Pacha Barcelona for a night that you will never forget.

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