Catwalk Barcelona Price

Catwalk Barcelona is located in the Puerto Olímpico of Barcelona. Your main entrance already stands out on its own, it will capture all your attention and you will not hesitate for a moment to try the combination of rhythm that it prepares at our parties.

Catwalk is one of the few clubs in Barcelona that has two rooms and a terrace with different musical genres in each, so you can choose between Hip Hop, Reggaeton, House Comercial or R&B. Within the club you can stroll and enjoy any of the environments throughout the night.

For any of its rooms, the entrance price and other services are the same, therefore here we will inform you about the prices of Entrance, Beverages and VIP Tables in Catwalk.

Entrance price on Catwalk


In Catwalk Barcelona you will have Free entry or with Discount access to the our parties, but normally to enter the Catwalk nightclub, you must pay 15€ (without drink). Although, as we mentioned before... you can enter totally Free or with Discount and this only with You Barcelona if you sign up for ISAAC Guest List for any Catwalk party.

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Price of drinks at Catwalk


These are the prices of drinks at Catwalk:

  • Beer 7€
  • Drink at bar 12€
  • Refreshment 7€
  • Water 5€

Price of the VIP tables in Catwalk


Prices VIP table and conditions in Catwalk:

  • VIP Standard Table: from 250€
  • Second Line Table: from 500€
  • First Line Table: from 800€

Maximum 5 people per table

Each table includes 1 basic bottle and 10 soft drinks to mix the glasses: Fanta, Coca Cola, Sprite, Tonic, Juices, Monster, among others.

These prices only include 75cl bottles from brands such as Absolut, Ballantine's, Beefeater, Brugal and many more. Premium brand bottles are more expensive.

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You just have to enter the Next Parties link and choose when you want to enter Catwalk Barcelona without paying a price for the ticket. The next step will be preparing you to live an unforgettable night and be very punctual.

Contact with ISAAC at Catwalk

Contact with ISAAC at Catwalk directly by WhatsApp by clicking here or at +34697485000 for more information. It is there to assist you, take care of you and resolve any doubt or problem you may have.