Bling Bling Barcelona Reviews

Sparkle like a diamond in Bling Bling tonight

Bling Bling is a very in vogue and popular club located in the higher zone (Zona Alta) of Barcelona, Carrer Tuset.  If you enjoy attending the most popular and trendy clubs then this club is definitely for you! Bling Bling attracts the most sophisticated, glamorous and posh crowd of the city. The beautiful design of the club and its incredible parties help it to live up to your best dreams.

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Both locals and international crowds reviewed Bling Bling to be one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona. In every corner of the nightclub, intricate details are highlighted by the shining illumination of the large jewels. 


One of Bling Bling’s guests reviewed it to be:

“In my opinion, there is no other club than Bling Bling that I would want to be at on a Thursday night. I seriously go every weekend and stay until they close. The music there is a little different more on the commercial house side but mixed with Latin music as well. It is a great place if you love to dance to good music!”

Another review titled, “Glamour great club for young and rich,” stated:

“Very splendid club in the style of disco glamor and stunning light effects. The club has enough large space, VIP tables are placed in "scene", so worth buying a table. The club has two rooms: one with great blows of the commercial cover and secondly with Latin music. The best parts are on Thursdays and I totally recommend Bling Bling!!”


As the reviews stated, Bling Bling is definitely the place to be and with parties like Obsession on Thursday nights you are guaranteed a night full of luxury, glamour and joy! Join us throught YouBarcelona website or simply call/whatsapp on +34 663 316 611 to get you FREE access to the Bling Bling adventure.

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