Barcelona RnB Parties


Its full name is contemporary Rhythm and Blues, better known by its abbreviation R&B, it is recognized like an urban musical genre of African-American origin with a special combination of musical rhythms such as hip hop, pop and some soul.

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Some clubs in Barcelona have a special party with this kind of R&B music, if you want to enjoy a party whith R&B music there are some suggest that we have for you: 

Catwalk R&B party 

Catwalk is one of the most exclusive and posh clubs with great RnB parties. It is located in front of the beach along the most popular clubs of Barcelona such as Opium Mar and Shoko, where you also can dance with RnB music. These clubs have the perfect combination of restaurant, bar, and nightclub. You can chill in relaxing open air terrace where it is possible to have a dinner or try the most exotic cocktails.

Monday: Paris RnB party
Tuesday: Fun Tuesdays RnB party
Wednesday: Living RnB party
Thursday: Crazy RnB party
Sunday: Showcase RnB party

Catwalk RnB Music

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Otto zutz R&B party

For the hottest RnB parties, the best place to go is Otto Zutz. It is a very modern club with three dance floors with a different kind of music and with huge VIP area upstairs for those who prefer more private space. It has become one of the favorite spots of the most "beautiful people" of Barcelona. Barcelona RnB party is worth to visit because it is impossible to find the same atmosphere in other places. 

Tuesday: Otto Zutz RnB party
Wednesday: YOLO RnB party
Thursday: Showtime RnB party
Friday: Bad Teddy RnB party

Otto Zutz Party

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Jamboree R&B party

If you have never been to Jamboree than you missed the most incredible RnB parties. This club is located in the most touristic place of Barcelona - Placa Real. This venue is also known for doing Jazz & Blue live concerts with great local and international musicians. Jamboree is famous by the best Barcelona RnB parties ever!

Monday: Sax Night RnB party
Wednesday: Hall of Fame RnB party
Thursday: Bcnordie RnB party
Sunday: Apogee RnB party 

Jamboree DJ Barcelona


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