• Paseo de Gracia, 53, Barcelona
  • Metro L2 o L3 o L4 Paseo de Gracia
  • 21:00h - 03:00h
  • Reggaeton / R&B / Top Hits
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Boulevard Barcelona. Lounge and luxurious restaurant with terrace located on Paseo de Gracia with the best atmosphere and the best Reggaeton music of the moment. Read more

Parties in Boulevard Barcelona

The Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub is currently a nightclub and restaurant service during the day. It belongs to the largest, strongest and most nationally and internationally recognized night company called Costa Este. Before the renovation, the place was called NuBar Paseo de Gracia, offering a similar service, activities and parties, but nothing compared to what they offer now, this time they have gone much further to surprise their most loyal customers and get new ones.

The new logistics reform of the Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub has left a luxurious, different, attractive, powerful venue with a future in the Barcelona hospitality industry. The improvement undoubtedly stands out in its terrace, since it is where you can sit on chairs and sofas with your friends to eat during the day or have a drink after dancing a long time on the dance floor at night.

The Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona restaurant and nightclub is located in the heart of Barcelona, being an attractive place for foreigners, tourists and, above all, local and national people to visit. Normally at night parties its public is usually more national than tourist but the partying combination, the style and the atmosphere, cause a sensation that cannot be described.

In the Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub, the parties usually start in the afternoon until dawn, depending on the day of the week they offer a different and special party. Normally the entrance price in Boulevard is usually around €15 per person (with drinks included) but with LISTA ISAAC you can enter for free until a certain time or with a discount at the box office so that the entrance is not so expensive.

Being located in Paseo de Gracia, a privileged place in Barcelona, its public is usually older and older and for this reason the average age is around 23-25 years. For this reason, the minimum age of the Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub is for people over 21. In addition, you must take into account the clothing since it is essential to be able to enter without problem. We recommend wearing a polo shirt or shirt (not a t-shirt or sportswear) and shoes (not sneakers), therefore, dress elegantly.

The hours of the Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub are usually from 09:00 a.m. to 00:00 a.m. in restaurant service during the day, but at parties the hours are usually from 07:00 p.m. to 03:00 a.m., offering eight consecutive hours of the best music and an atmosphere that will captivate you. Instead, the music at the Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub focuses on the style that most of the national public listens to: Reggaeton, R&B and Top Hits. Without a doubt, it is a perfect combination to party and have a couple of drinks with your friends in one of the most emblematic nightclubs in the Zona Alta.

Obviously it's not just a party, the Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub has improved in many aspects, especially in the gastronomic field. Its international cuisine is one of the most sophisticated and modern in the Zona Alta, competing with many more local ones, but none offers this delicious culinary menu selected to the smallest detail so that the client obtains an excellent and professional service.

The atmosphere of the Boulevard Paseo de Gracia Barcelona nightclub is so incredible, cozy and warm that they make it an elite venue in Barcelona. In addition, the customer service is the most professional you will find, since it is the base with which it works perfectly. Without a doubt, it is one of the nightclubs and restaurants most recommended by the residents of Barcelona.