• Carrer d'Aribau, 242, Barcelona
  • Metro L3 o L5 Diagonal
  • 23:55h - 06:00h
  • House Comercial / Reggaeton / Top Hits
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Barroko's Barcelona. Nightclub with two rooms located in the Upper Zone. Considered the most fashionable in Calle Aribau where it offers you the best current music. Read more

Parties at Club Barroko's

Music at Barroko's

Main Room

  • House Comercial / Reggaeton / Top Hits

Barrokos Barcelona is the old Get Back located in the Aribau Street of uptown Barcelona. Barrokos re-opens under its new name offering a fun and different sort of night.

Barrokos Barcelona has two rooms and two different environments. One of them is dominated by house and commercial dance hits. Second room is designed for latin and pachanga music lovers

Barrokos Barcelona has also re-designed its installations to include better sound and lighting effects, being the laser led novelty of the club.

Members of YouBarcelona Guestlist would be able to access for free if age is above 18/21 years.