Price of Club Shoko Barcelona


Shoko Barcelona is the most different club in Barcelona close to the famous Hotel Arts in Port Olympic in Villa Olimpica. You can find here the prices of the Entrance, the Drinks and the Bottles

Price of the Entrance in Shoko Barcelona

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If you want to enter to Shoko, you will have to pay 20€ with a Drink.
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Price of the drinks

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The prices of the drinks in Shoko are:

  • Small drink 4€
  • Beer 7€
  • LongDrink 12€
  • 15€ long drink and glass of Champagne. 

Price of the Vip Tables

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You can also take advantage of the VIP Table booking service provided by YouBarcelona.
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  • Standard VIP Tables: from €300 (maximum 5 people per table)
  • Best VIP Tables: €1000 (maximum 5 people per table)
  • 1 bottle of liquor and 10 soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Tonic & Red Bull) are included in table price
  • These prices include 75cl bottles of Absolut, Ballantine's, Beefeater, Brugal. Premium bottles are an extra charge.

Enter to shoko with youbarcelona

YOUBARCELONA GUESTLIST offers you the possibility of coming to spend a great night together with your friends; and the best thing is the price of Shoko Barcelona Club , because it’s free! 
Shoko is a famous club that is situated in Paseo Marítimo of Barceloneta, a pretty zone of the city where great views dominate the coastline and its roomy interior offers you the opportunity to go out locally and dine and party.  Shoko is situated on the beach where the best parties are celebrated in a venue which is both relaxing and full of energy.

Shoko Club Barcelona

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Parties in shoko

The Club Shoko in Barcelona opens for free every day of the week to give you the opportunity to always enjoy the distinct and unforgettable party that you desire.  For this we lay out all the following links here:

Monday - Tuesday - WednesdayThursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

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Club Shoko Barcelona opens every day of the week and you can enter Shoko for free when you want with YouBarcelona Guest List VIP. You have four distinct options to sign up to YouBarcelona Guest List and to enter for free every day into Shoko Nightclub

Photos of Shoko

photos of shoko barcelona

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