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Without a doubt, the Opium Barcelona nightclub has one of the best terraces in the entire Olympic Village and even the entire city of Barcelona. Thanks to its magnificent double terrace, the Opium Barcelona nightclub is considered one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona as well as others around it, but none of them are that big.


opium barcelona


Currently the terrace of the Opium Barcelona nightclub is located on the Paseo Marítimo de Barcelona or also called the Olympic Village where there you can find more nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, clothing stores, shopping center, shisha lounge, hotels, among other types of businesses.

Near the Opium Barcelona nightclub, we must highlight the Barcelona beach that is right in front of the terrace because while you are sitting on it while having your favorite cocktail you have magnificent views of the beach and the Mediterranean Sea a few meters away where you can feel sea breeze.

opium barcelona

Obviously the terrace of the Opium Barcelona nightclub is very large and also double, but the best time to visit it is during the summer because the sun is shining, although during the winter the terrace is heated so that meals, dinners, cocktails, can also be served. bottles, etc.

The Opium Barcelona nightclub has the main terrace that has tables of normal height, low tables and high tables, in addition to having very comfortable sofas and chairs with cushions to sit on. In addition, the terrace being outdoors contains plants to give an environment of vegetation and nature that surrounds you completely.

opium barcelona

The terrace of the Opium Barcelona nightclub has two different entrances where the terrace entrance is the main entrance for the restaurant service and the chill out lounge area, while the upper entrance (above) is normally used in service as a nightclub to control customer access.

Thanks to the data that YouBarcelona has, we can confirm that the Opium Barcelona nightclub has a total capacity of 3,000 people but the terrace can fit more than 700 people and that is a very large number, thus being one of the best terraces from the city of Barcelona.


opium barcelona


Now that we have told you many curiosities and information about the terrace of the Opium Barcelona nightclub, below we provide you with a button so that you can see more information and curiosities about the Opium Barcelona nightclub, such as knowing the opening hours, how to get there, minimum age, etc.

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