Bling Bling Music

Pol Art-house/edm DJ Ralph-top hits

Bling Bling has dedictated itself to providing the people of Barcelona with an exquisite club set up to create the best nights and memories for you and your friends.  They know how to make a great party and understand that music is a HUGE factor. This is why they bring you the best House and Electronic music along with all the top hits from the best DJ's in town to create an atmosphere that will make you want to stay until sunrise! DJ Ralph provides you with all the top hits you'll want to hear while DJ Pol Art plays the best mix of house and edm.


If you're looking to dance the night away to the best hits and house music then Bling Bling is the spot for you! Party for FREE with Isaac Guestlist! Sign up on our website or send a whatsapp message to +34674698660.